Monday, July 27, 2009

To Be Precise

The craft of writing is tricky. The ultimate challenge is to say the most with the fewest words possible. To be precise: the ultimate challenge I face when writing is being efficient. In my youth, I wrote about love. As I grew older, I had the notion that I was aging way too quickly. In my thinking it was unfair. "I wanted to stay a child in love forever. Because then I'd have to deal with real life problems and the world was mean."

The frustration of growing older consumed me and dictated my life for almost a decade. Goodness, I learned to accept the process of growing older by meeting and learning from the people around me who have lived way past 30.

Growing and moving forward is a beautiful thing. The following piece is by the poet Patty Kearney. Her blog with more of her work can be found at:


The dawn of my days has ended
Memories of childhood
Lingering in my mind

The sunny days of youth
Gone but not forgotten
As I wandered thru this life

Gentle breezes of womanhood
Swirl around me
Carrying the fallen leaves of age

Maturity has wrapped a cloak
Around this aging body
Guiding me along the path of time.

The dusk of my life approaches
And I have no fear of what it bring
My life is near its end.

"My life is near its end," Kearney writes. It is true, one dies once the time allotted on Earth is expired. But, in the meanwhile it is uncanny to live in emotional slumber when there is the world to experience.

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  1. Sarai! You've a mature content warning! Maybe I should scroll through your posts and see what that's all about.

    Why only learn from people past age 30? Are you worried you won't live beyond that? Or are you just counting your next milestone?