Friday, August 7, 2009


Women, derived from woman, is the female human being which is NOT man. Theoretically speaking, of course. Science has made it possible for man to be woman and woman to be man. However, this modern breach of gender does not disrupt the natural occurrence of creation. It is stated, "...woman came from man, even so man also comes through woman..." 1 Corinthians 11:12

It is like saying, "woman came from man and man comes through woman." Which can further mean that man and woman are equal. Thus, it is perfectly natural that a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man!

Even more natural would be for women and men to both express their deepest and darkest desires. Previously I mentioned Ovid and his erotic works. It's now time to look at Sappho and her poetry.

Sappho was an ancient Greek poet and is my hero. She lived around 630 BC. A bulk of her work has been lost yet the remains are amazing and good to look into. A good place to find her poetry is here:

Sappho occasionaly wrote the erotic poem for women. In my journey as a person I chose one of her works to parody. I was astonished at how unique the end result was. I present both for the world to view.


"Bridesmaids' Carol I"

O Bride brimful of
rosy little loves!

O brightest jewel of
the Queen of Paphos!

Come now
to your
bedroom to your
and play there
gently sweetly
with your bridegroom

And may Hesperus
lead you not at all
you stand wondering
before the silver

Throne of Hera
Queen of Marriage


"For the Girl"

O Girl unaware of
rosy cheeks!

O fond desires of
lust and want!

Come now
to your
bedroom to your
and play there
gently grovelingly
with your pleasure

And may your actions
lead you not at all
you lay disheveled
breathless before the

warmth of sunrise
moment in joy

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  1. using bilblical verse to highlight the naturalness of switching gender. heehee. (sheeshee).

    intriguingly, the poems are both about a woman, not a couple...the second drops the groom entirely of course...I didn't get the rosy cheeks reference, unless it meant your protag has never had an orgasm before....I like disheveled/breathless the best. the poem moves very swoopingly there, just as it should. (ahem.) a nice work. looking forward to reading more.