Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year thoughts

It's been a while since I've updated this and I had a very sentimental and thoughtful post started however I've decided to do something different.

TOP memorable lines I said to people for 2009
(or lines I was told)

By me:

+We're going to Henrietta Hots? Again?
+Let's do it again.
+I seriously should give up drinking.
+That cat had a hard time deciding whether it wanted to sleep on the bed, on me, or under the bed.
+Suck it.
+It's shame stupidity is not painful.
+Being bisexual does not mean you date a girl and a boy at the same time.
+I'm an atheist.
+I can't foresee myself ever being happy in heaven. I'd rather spend the rest of my life in the Earth.
+I'm changing my name.
+Is it selfish if I make two names for myself?
+Por ser pendejo. I mean, PEN-sativo.
+In the end; I still hate photo students.
+It's only fair for me to ask you what you asked me: do you regret ever meeting me?
+I'm updating my status!
+ Well it's not like we lied. We were going to the bus station but decided to get blue hair dye before going.
+ I'm in a bubble that is made out of propane. It's suffocating in here and all I have is books.
+ All hail the dark master; I mean crystal
+ Stupid dog
+ So?
+ Not my problem
+ And your point is
+ I don't care
+ Leave me alone
+ Was I supposed to be listening?
+ You must be mistaken, that's not my Mom
+ What are you doing? It's my snowflake now! How dare you take it back to the wild?

By other people:

+ Did you feed your virtual pets?
+ Love people for who they are not what they do
+ You would
+ So you're not going to keep any money for yourself?
+ He questioned, he doubted; sudden death.
+ Don't take that in there with you.
+ Well, goood for the 3 As. I don't know about that C.
+ Its not fair. Before you came every night she would come back from work and leave candy at my bedside. Now that you came they're at your bedside!
+Only you.
+Not as cute as me.
+What happens if I press this?
+You're just like this other person; you give me a headache.
+Good writer? No. Creative, yes. You might be creative but you will never be a great writer.
+Can I see your id?
+Yoshi is pretty awesome.
+When are you coming back? Can you come back sooner?
+Realistic looking bedroom toys are outlawed in Dallas.
+They're not my dishes.
+We are never doing this again!
+You are not allowed to write when you're drunk.
+That was fun.
+Nice meeting you. I can tell you're not shy.
+I don't have the confidence to wear something like that.
+I think they broke you. Can we take you back to the hospital to fix you?
+You should go to one of the seminars. That's why people attend conferences.
+Sh. It's ok. Just be quiet.

There are obviously more things I said that were memorable (even though I can't remember them at the moment). I'm hoping next year will give me more memorable moments.


  1. hmmm sounds like an awful lot was said by you and to you in 09.

  2. Very interesting, Sopphey!