Tuesday, October 20, 2009

List of Serial Offenses

List of Serial Offenses (against *the universe) in Order of Worst

(some may disagree, but this sounds like a good list)

Child Pornography






Adding More Suffering to a Person That Already Suffers

Purposefully Misleading a Person (ie lying not telling the complete truth)

(should more be added?)




Sunday, October 11, 2009

When I Think About Love

I have so much to tell. Everything to write, but for now a poem about love.

Inspired by: http://www.lordsofacid.com/lyrics/index.php?show=54

"When I Think About Love"

when i think about love
i don't think about
table for two. me. you.
hand to hand. kiss at dawn.

i think about
hoarse lifeless whispers.
dissatisfying fuck.
angry voices.
and lots a'rum.

but love is the answer.
to sickness and death.
welfare and neurotic
creatures eating left overs.

but love is the answer.
the node that connects life.
lets happiness survive.
the cure for AIDS.

i think about
stinging bile dripped blues.
cold hugs, tear soaked pillows.
cigarette ends in lemonade.
vodka induced sleep.

when i think about love
i don't think about
starry starry nights.
champagne, merciless love of life.