Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year thoughts

It's been a while since I've updated this and I had a very sentimental and thoughtful post started however I've decided to do something different.

TOP memorable lines I said to people for 2009
(or lines I was told)

By me:

+We're going to Henrietta Hots? Again?
+Let's do it again.
+I seriously should give up drinking.
+That cat had a hard time deciding whether it wanted to sleep on the bed, on me, or under the bed.
+Suck it.
+It's shame stupidity is not painful.
+Being bisexual does not mean you date a girl and a boy at the same time.
+I'm an atheist.
+I can't foresee myself ever being happy in heaven. I'd rather spend the rest of my life in the Earth.
+I'm changing my name.
+Is it selfish if I make two names for myself?
+Por ser pendejo. I mean, PEN-sativo.
+In the end; I still hate photo students.
+It's only fair for me to ask you what you asked me: do you regret ever meeting me?
+I'm updating my status!
+ Well it's not like we lied. We were going to the bus station but decided to get blue hair dye before going.
+ I'm in a bubble that is made out of propane. It's suffocating in here and all I have is books.
+ All hail the dark master; I mean crystal
+ Stupid dog
+ So?
+ Not my problem
+ And your point is
+ I don't care
+ Leave me alone
+ Was I supposed to be listening?
+ You must be mistaken, that's not my Mom
+ What are you doing? It's my snowflake now! How dare you take it back to the wild?

By other people:

+ Did you feed your virtual pets?
+ Love people for who they are not what they do
+ You would
+ So you're not going to keep any money for yourself?
+ He questioned, he doubted; sudden death.
+ Don't take that in there with you.
+ Well, goood for the 3 As. I don't know about that C.
+ Its not fair. Before you came every night she would come back from work and leave candy at my bedside. Now that you came they're at your bedside!
+Only you.
+Not as cute as me.
+What happens if I press this?
+You're just like this other person; you give me a headache.
+Good writer? No. Creative, yes. You might be creative but you will never be a great writer.
+Can I see your id?
+Yoshi is pretty awesome.
+When are you coming back? Can you come back sooner?
+Realistic looking bedroom toys are outlawed in Dallas.
+They're not my dishes.
+We are never doing this again!
+You are not allowed to write when you're drunk.
+That was fun.
+Nice meeting you. I can tell you're not shy.
+I don't have the confidence to wear something like that.
+I think they broke you. Can we take you back to the hospital to fix you?
+You should go to one of the seminars. That's why people attend conferences.
+Sh. It's ok. Just be quiet.

There are obviously more things I said that were memorable (even though I can't remember them at the moment). I'm hoping next year will give me more memorable moments.