Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The beginning and the end

I am the beginning and the end.

-the craft

Ever have an idea for a story or a poem but all you can squeeze the beginning lines and the last lines. So, since I feel obligating to updating this. Here is the beginning and the end to a poem.

The Beginning
Never could the ride be so smooth
Never could the flame be so cool
She's a dangerous
She's cruel
She's the delight of the century teasing me

The Ending
The sun has gone over the horizon
The night is quiet in anticipation
The audience has gathered she's excited
The performance begins
There she is waving her arms
Teasing the senses with her hips
She's a dangerous one
She's cruel
She's my wife entertaining everyone
But me

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  1. Sopphey, this is lovely. I have to make it a point to come more often.