Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First night of down and gritty, nit-picky, pulling out punctuations like pulling out teeth... editing has gone "well." My super linear brain just takes over and mangles every line a poem. It chews the head off of prose, and my goodness it sets a prose-poem along side a ruler to see if it's a perfect fit! It's tiring; I hate it. Why can't stuff come pre-edited, ya know? Or better written... just kidding. Everything is nicely written it's just the small bumps that need a good sand-down.

I know that not all work can be perfect and my stuff is far from refined... but this is my goal. I intend to make Enhance a refined, polished, literary and art magazine one issue at a time. I also want to sit with a piece and notate it's odds and ends. Edit it word by word, line by line, sentence by sentence but that's time consuming and... yeah I'll do if it I got money for it.

I wonder if people pay cool people like me to edit their poems, prose-poems, essays, stories, or narratives... that'd be a nice side job.

Anyways, I hardly rant in public, so I apologize. Just please, don't double space stuff anymore and try using em and en dashes appropriately. Quotations don't substitute for punctuations such as periods... and a comma is kinda necessary when you have a quote in a sentence. Don't lump all your dialog into a paragraph. Drive by writing gets shot.

Anyways say hello to your new best friend:

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