Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear Science

I'm going to take a brief moment from my homework blog writing (apparently I not only blog for myself, but for work, and homework). In between trying to find my hair brush, looking for my mascara, and putting lipstick on last night my music playlist started playing “Halfway Home,” by TV On the Radio.

“Halfway Home,” is the first track on Dear Science,” the fourth studio recording from TV On the Radio.

“The lazy way they turned your head
Into a rest stop for the dead
and did it all in gold and blue and grey”

are the first lyrics to the song. If you hear the song some more and if you get past the lines like, “the efforts to allay your dread,” you will hear a gleam of hope. Especially in the way the music changes.

“Is it not me?
Am I not culled into your clutch?
The words you spoke
I know too much
We're closer now
And said enough.”

The line, “am I not culled into your clutch,” is one that stays with me. It literally followed me into my sleep because in my dream I was trying to do something I told myself never to do again: I was trying to hold the whole world. It's just typical of me, though. When I meet new people I feel like I could potentially keep in touch with that person for a while. Even if it is just for a couple of weeks.

Friendships, and mostly everything, fall into a natural cycle of existence to nonexistence. Some people you will only know for now, for a while, and some forever. The first type of people you will meet are for now. Less people fall into the “for a while,” category and a very few number of people are forever. In theory, you will meet enough people to fill the “for now,” category that you will never be alone.

I have to admit that I will feel a bit saddened when I realize that I am not, “culled into your clutch,” or too many clutches. We people just move on.

“Crying,” is the second song from the Dear Science album. The first lines are as follows:

Laugh in the face of death under masthead
Hold your breath through late breaking disasters,
Next to news of the trite
And the codes
And the feelings that meant to be noble
Like coke in the nose of the nobles
Keeps it alight

And the wrath
And the riots
And the races on fire
And the music for tanks with no red lights in sight

Got you


History always repeats itself. Not sure how it happens, since you know leaders are intellectuals and smart and did homework before they became leaders. (Right) Half of my dreams last night included the world dying, and flinging it's arms like madmen in a sea of boiling macaroni and cheese. Nothing, nothing could have ever calmed my imagination than this album.

It's a perfect combination of love and joy, pain and sorrow, and hope and despair. Nothing is better at the moment. Chocolate ice cream comes close. I'm really apprehensive about the future. There are all these rules and regulations in place and once a natural life occurrence (natural disaster) occurs rules are skewed.

I have nothing against people from Haiti (you guys rock, ok). It's just, all of a sudden Haitians illegally in U.S. have been given protected status This just adds more to the boiling pot of “US giving protection” to countries. Like Puerto Rico, you know, it doesn't make sense to me. A lot of things aren't making sense to me at this point in my life.

Like, Friday night/Saturday morning I could have sworn that I was hallucinating and sleeping at the same time. I have never actually had a drug induced hallucination, either. But, the colors were frosted in blue ice and the lights were spinning and I was trying very hard to hold onto the world; my world. I am so thankful for my constant need to have music on. If it weren't for the lyrics of this album I probably would be eight times confused about the world right now; but I'm not.

(Hey I rambled; get over it.)