Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Typography Book

Take the lyrics to Bad Romance and a couple of stills from the music video and you get the final project for Typography at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When Things Boggle Your Mind

You're an adult. I know you're an adult you have graying hair that you dyed an orange color. It's not orange but brown and red at the same time, to be accurate. But, I'm not going to waste time on your appearance.

Look, I know I'm one person with a laptop sitting down at a table for six and that it's perfectly natural that you can sit down and bring your three friends. If you call them friends!

What's your deal? Do you ask before you take your coworker's crakcers from their tray? I mean, was it obvious enough that you gave her a stare and she was to know that you wanted crackers. Oh yeah, she had the courtesy to ask, "want some."

Obviously, you've been doing this for a while now because you didn't apologize, did not even act modest, you just flat out said "Yes, I want them." Really, I heard, "Yes bitch give me your crackers. I want them. I eat them in your face. I got a plate in front of me that I devoured because I'm on a diet and clearly I'm still hungry. Give me your food."

Well, I'm sure it's not that bad. But, you're more timid friend to the left of you was happily munching her Lays and you decided to grab them. Like her hand was still in the bag! You don't do that! You don't ask! Poor girl, man.

I don't approve. How could this woman work for Academic Support Services at RIT. Goodness gracious this campus is ridiculous.

When Things Irritate You

I used to believe in tolerance. Well, I still believe in tolerance to a point. Religious tolerances, to be astute, is the worst idea I ever had. Religious organizations do not care for each other. You can't ,"well just because I'm Christian doesn't mean that I believe you noncrhistian will perish in Hell."

It is fact, ok. If you're not Christian you can't get closer to God through Jesus thus you don't get to go to heaven. That's for the crowd who believes there is a heaven. Do you see religious tolerance there? Tolerance? Kindness? Yes, of course you do if you are Christian.

I used to belong to a mailing list, because I never had stamina left on a Friday to go visit the local Christian groups and their large prayer/fellowship meeting. I would get the emails, I glanced through them, and then archive them in the appropriate folder in my GMail account.

I was fine with this. I really was. I thought that I could preach what I believe and preach what other people believe. The goal was that if a Christian wanted to get more information on Christianity and walked up my way I could help them and guide them to the appropriate religious group. Which is a great idea. I still plan on doing so.

But, it irrates me. These different religious groups can't and will never be tolerant of each other. I base this opinion off one group, one fact, one statement.

"That a lot of the entertainment on campus would be more Christ focused and less pointless."

Religious tolerance is pointless according to one small group of Christians at my college. I mean, because religious tolerance is only what Christ wanted. I mean Christ was a great guy. But, really Christians get your act together. Hey, brand new idea. This is why your Christ never came back because you don't get it!

That's if your Christ went anywhere special. But, I'm not going to instill my beliefs upon these Christians. Just some of them. I only care about the ones that don't find life without God/Christ (because he's both it's confusing I know) empty. I mean I care about everyone. But, I am going to force myself to care less about people who are ignorant. Really, come on.

Life is meaningful. Get it right.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sneak Preview

This is a sneak preview of a bigger collaboration between me and a painter.

Introduction I

It's only an experimental venture
Between water and art
On canvas, that is
Let's begin with the action
Fluid substance, floating, driving
Along pigments of different hues
Different sizes, different shapes,
Differentiating between reality
And the illusion of merging figments
Of the subconscious with living breathing
Beings: us


That silence
The air around me
Flirting with the fruit of the tree
And playfully pulling at the leaves

I sit
The world around me
Swapping gifts and actions
Interacting and distracting
Joining and becoming one

Then there is that silence

That silence
The remnants of a love affair
A breakout, disturbance, and misfortune
Canceling out city life and ill feelings

I sit
Confused, tired, a sick feeling in my core
Gifts and atoms firing memories
The stars. The Sun. The Air. Hold me.

Then there is that silence.

That silence
Helps like white noise
Separates life channels
Now I can see, hear, feel

I sit
Underneath the decadence of beauty
The noises subside between pauses
Of the thoughts that cradle me to sleep

Then there is that silence

That silence
Is comforting between thoughts
Dries my tears between sobs
Relinquishes the hold I have
I sit
Between thoughts the sound of water
Sips into my consciousness, holds me
Takes me closer to a perfect bliss
Then there is that silence
That silence
Works like a metronome
Calibrates me to the universe
Calms me down every time
I sit
In the silence as it allows
Me to breathe and spill out
All that lies within

Introduction II

It’s only continuation of body, soul,
And universe that binds us together.
In words and verse, that is.
Let’s begin with emotions,
Dabble into realism, and
Continue into the depths
Of the imagination breaking
Through the barrier between
Comfort and the nebulous cloud
Of locked up sentiments that hurt