Tuesday, August 10, 2010


the sounds of her skin
in the ocean breeze
beads of blue eternity
hanging down her neck
into her shirt

that'd be my girl
golden hair dancing in the sun
sultry blue eyes toying with the ocean
a white tshirt is the only protection
of those gems

my hands over her blue jean skirt
gently holding her to me
as she sits with secrets in her eyes
her hand behind my back
her lips find my neck

a kiss. a kiss. kisses.
my senses rise and meet the sun
if i move she'll fall off my lap
her lips reach my lips
I wake up

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Park Point Saga

Park Point Gives Headaches

I took the money. I only took the money because I’m quite broke and have been skipping meals for two weeks to save money to buy a Greyhound Bus Ticket back to Texas. Sadly, I can’t afford to pay any of my expenses and I’m looking forward to trading the next two years of my life to work. I’ll take three jobs if I have to.

I was standing at the Park Point office. The person I had subletted from (we’ll call her E) went to the back office and conversed with the General Manger Dave and another guy. I don’t know his name but I’m assuming he was either legal or accounting. I didn’t ask questions because it looked like they didn’t want me there. The woman, Heather, didn’t even acknowledge my presence.

Why am I writing about this now, though? It’s been seven weeks since I touched this subject. You see, I used to live at Park Point. I lived at Park Point for three weeks in June. I subletted from E the roommate of one of my friends. I was short on cash that month because I had just graduated from RIT, took 3-day vacation in Texas, and took a 3-day vacation in Oklahoma. My sister sent me the measly sum of 150 dollars to cover the remainder of the rent due for June.

She sent it the check through Registered mail to my Park Point apartment. The letter arrived at my apartment on June 10. No one was home to receive it. I got a short paper from the post office at my apartment. It read, “sorry we missed you. Your package can be found at the Park Point Leasing office by 4 o’clock.” I didn’t get home till after 6 and missed the cutoff.

I went to the Park Point office on Friday morning to retrieve my letter. The leasing assistant, Heather, looked and looked and didn’t find it. She even checked the record ledger for received packages. There was no record of this letter ever arriving and she said it wasn’t at the office. She also said that she’d call me if it arrived the next day (Friday).

I did not receive a call on Friday. On Saturday morning I called the Park Point office to see if my letter arrived. The General Manager Dave answered, looked for the package, and said he didn’t find it. I called my sister to give her the news. She checks her account online and finds that the check was deposited by Park Point.

After hearing this information she suggested to cancel the check. I told her to wait and that I was going to go down to the Park Point office to see if I could figure out what happened before she cancelled the check. I reached the office and Dave was there as well as Susan. I showed them the paper that I received from the Post Office and insisted that they find my letter. They searched and they couldn’t find my letter. I then explained that obviously the letter made it to the office and the content of the letter, a check, had been deposited on Friday.

I asked for an explanation. Their consensus was that, “it was an accident,” they continued by telling me, “we get dozens of checks a day and it might have been processed with the other checks by accident.”

Dave offered to cut me a check for $150 once he spoke to the accountant on Monday morning. I told him several times, that the money wasn’t the problem. The problem is that Park Point opened a letter that was mine, they took a check that was written to me, and deposited that check.

Susan pitched in that it was a mistake and that the letter probably did not have my name on the outside. Clearly, this letter was “not addressed to me” as the Post Office mail person “did not try to deliver it to my apartment.”

That Monday, I went to the Park Point office before work. Dave did not have an answer to why the whole scenario happened and offered an apology. I told them that my sister was going to cancel the check. He gave me two options. If my sister didn’t cancel the check he would give me a check. If my sister canceled the check he wouldn’t charge me a fee for canceling the check.

On June 15, Park Point decided to transfer the money into E’s account because “they hadn’t heard from me.” She visited me that afternoon wanting to give me $50 since I owed her $100 for rent. I didn’t take the money because my sister had started the process of cancelling the check.

On June 17, I talked to RIT housing and they agreed to rent let me rent a dorm. I met my roommate on June 18 and we were cool. That weekend I moved out of my Park Point apartment.

I remember clearly the day I walked into Park Point’s new office the following week. That day I got a ride from work because it was raining. My feet were uncomfortable in my wet socks. I presented my keys and said I’m moving out. I filled out all the paper work they asked me to fill out. I hung out at Barnes and Noble and took the RIT Bus. I needed time to think and didn’t mind the long trip around the mall and back. I thought I was done. I paid the money I owed to E. My sister had started the process of cancelling the check. 

I reported the mail incident to the United States Postal Service.

I had a carefree July until I got really broke and started selling electronics on Craig’s List to save for my bus ticket home. Being an entrepreneur is hard. On, August 2, I got a Facebook message from E saying that the money was still in her account and that she would give me a check when her lease was up.

I replied that I wasn’t going to be in town and that we should go to the Park Point office August 3 to figure it out. We showed up she talked to the General Manager Dave and that other guy. They took her to the back office and probably settled something with her. She came out and said she would give me the $150 in cold cash. I asked what happens if the check cancelation goes through? She went back again and asked the question. Dave and that other guy came to the front and said that if it hadn’t gone through it probably won’t and some other gibberish.

“What are you trying to tell me?” I asked them. I took E out of the office to talk about my options. I had two options. I could wait for the check to cancel. I could take the $150 in cash from E and still wait for the check to cancel.

I took the money. I took the money walked over to Barne’s and Noble and looked for a suitable Greyhound Ticket. I’m getting out of here. The cancelation of the check will clear through. I’ll be in Texas running my own publishing company, working all the time, and writing when that happens. And, to be mean, I hope ill things happen to Park Point.

Monday, August 2, 2010


hallucinations come and go
sometimes frothy
sometimes they hurt
are you proud of me now,

a little nutrition for breakfast
some more for lunch
and if there is enough change
there will be dinner
probably not

i can bang my head
on the wall all day
banging my tune
against a headache
against a belly ache

it's just pouring out,
isn't it?
i can last a little longer
just another week or two
then i'm off

you will wait for me
you have before
I will return
acknowledge your requests
our little stories will find a home