Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter from a Drifter

I’ve been drifting this past month. Technically, it’s been three weeks. I’ve been going in and out of sleep, writing, sometimes writing a lot, sometimes just writing a to-do list

Wash dishes

Do laundry

Clean table

Email so and so, call so and so, read so and so’s submissions

Make business card

Stop sleeping at 4AM

Yeah, drifting is putting it nicely. The worst consequence of drifting is that you forget what time it is. The days morph, the days go by, and soon enough the month ends.

But, it would be too easy to drift away. I want to personally thank everyone (when I get down to writing emails again) who submitted to the second issue of Enhance Magazine . It gives me a reason to stop drifting.

We, the team that I'm putting together, will be reviewing the submissions all this week. At this time, we also invite all writers, painters, illustrators, poets, photographers, and artists to submit for the third issue.

All submissions are welcome. We are looking for editorials, short stories, poetry, art, and if you want to submit the sun and are able to, you may. There is no theme for this issue; we look forward to your submissions.

Deadline for Submissions: December 6, 2010

Release: January 6, 2011

PS On Impression will be publishing books soon.