Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Guys

I've been working on this short story... yeah right it's more than 30 pages right now; I seriously have no idea how it got so long! "My Love Affair with Shahrukh Khan: a tale of love for life and the scars that motivate me to survive," is the running title of the story. Basically, the story is about a "crush" I have on Shahrukh Khan, the actor, and little things that make me upset (scars) and motivate me to keep going.

Apparently, one of my friends (ADC), doesn't think he's that hot. So last night we scoured the Internet for a potential list of guys we both think are hot. Officially we both like:

Gerard Butler
Jude Law

and unofficially we both like

Johnny Depp (he's alright).

We're silly, right?

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