Thursday, April 21, 2011

About Doubt

It starts with a frown
It always starts with displeasure
The reins of comfort fall out of
My hands and the fauna trample
All over my hopes and dreams

Then I analyze; Over analyze
Counter analyze; Draw diagrams
I converse with myself as the moon
Waxes and wanes until I find myself
Staring at the sun without sunglasses

I put them on; a red shade covers
Descends upon my doubts
The reins of ignorance wrap around
My fingers as my hopes and dreams
Swim around in the distance

[For today's prompt, write a second thoughts poem. You could have second thoughts about something you've done or thought in the past.]

1 comment:

  1. we shouldn't be afraid to be naked. it's better to know nothing and be willing to learn than to be ignorant and choose to remain ignorant.

    It's a little similar to my experience. Nice poem