Saturday, October 1, 2011

Each In Turn

I once had a friend who I regarded as
The most beautiful cat I'd ever known.
She was my joy, always found
A purr to make me smile.

Recently she had kittens.
She made sure I was aware of them.
That first night I slept
With dreams of the cat's youth.

But, it has been days,
Not once did she feed them.
She never came near them,
She absolutely avoided them.

One by one they crawl, with eyes shut,
Each in turn crying out of hunger.
One by one they drag themselves,
Each in turn wailing for their mother.

I find myself penniless,
In no means to buy a thing.
If I could I would:
I would have helped each kitten live.

By day they cry each one moving
Their heads without sight.
By night they cry inching nearer
To each other for warmth.

In the morning instead of my
Alarm piercing my dreams
I hear the cries echoing in tune
Waking me to the reality

Before bed I sit on my bed
My bedroom lit up with one bulb
In the dark corner they lay
Feeling around with their nose

Crying, finding a piece of fur
Of their brother, sister but not
Their mother. In hope they cried
In tears I fell asleep

Their mother never there
To care for them.
The mother
The hero they all call for.

Each in turn crying to be heard,
Each in turn
Will breathe their last cry,
Then they will never be heard again.

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