Monday, April 25, 2011

Life Games

They held hands and skipped around
A pile of broken bones and ashes
Who serenaded to the old procession of misery
They skipped around,
Their pockets full of roses
Who bloom in spite of hatred in the world
They sang a song as they moved around
They laughed, giggled, and merrily
They all fell down

[For today's prompt, write a falling poem. This could be about the physical act of falling (like someone tying your shoelaces together), or it could be symbolic falling (such as falling in love).]


I haven't really blogged in awhile. I mean, I post Monday Morning Playlists and poetry... but as far as actual prose with random thoughts and such... hasn't happened. Thus, today is the blog post/Monday Morning playlist. For today, we're going to watch a video.

I'm not a huge fan of modern rap (autotune your farts; they'd sound better) or Bing Bang (too soft) but I totally think GD and T.O.P. got it right with this song. Not only is the beat totally fun to bump your rump and nod your head... they have really amazing clothes. Who wouldn't want to wear such fancy outfits! The shoes! The shoes are just damn sparkly. Sparkly in a good way.

Glitter on your freaking eyelashes? Of course that's freaking awesome. Bow tie? Welcome to the hipster 2011s, S. Korea style. Good stuff.

Friday, April 22, 2011


she didn't let her beliefs cloud her judgement
she didn't let society cloud her heart
she didn't let her eyes cloud her perception

she put aside all sight
she put aside all naysayers
she put aside all her doubt

she walked the path of love
she walked the path of kindness
she walked the path of the universe

[For today's prompt, write an "only one in the world" poem. This only one in the world might be a person, an animal, a place, or an object. Think of someone or something unique and write.]

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Illegal Mexican Fruit Flies

Was working on a site and stumbled upon an agriculture article. Apparently, there's a fruit fly problem. Illegal Mexican fruit flies have been found in Cameron County (Texas). A quarantine allows fruits and vegetables that host the Mexican fruit fly to be shipped out of the area following proper gas chamber treatment, processing, and authorization by the USDA or TDA. The quarantine will remain in effect until eradication is officially declared, which can be expected to last till August.

So, be on the look out and call your local TDA (migra) if you see a fruit fly doing the Mexican hat dance on your citrus or mango fruits. I don't think you'll find any of these Mexican Fruit Flies at the Island, but if you do make sure to trick them into the ocean. They HATE water.

Adapted from...

About Doubt

It starts with a frown
It always starts with displeasure
The reins of comfort fall out of
My hands and the fauna trample
All over my hopes and dreams

Then I analyze; Over analyze
Counter analyze; Draw diagrams
I converse with myself as the moon
Waxes and wanes until I find myself
Staring at the sun without sunglasses

I put them on; a red shade covers
Descends upon my doubts
The reins of ignorance wrap around
My fingers as my hopes and dreams
Swim around in the distance

[For today's prompt, write a second thoughts poem. You could have second thoughts about something you've done or thought in the past.]

You are Loved

when you laugh
all the stars
come out to bask
in your joy

when you yawn
the little ocean waves
retreat as the larger
waves sing a lullaby

when you sleep
the universe wraps
its arms around you
leaving just enough room
for you and I to cuddle

[Today is a "Two for Tuesday" prompt. In fact, it's one of my favorite prompts of each challenge. Poets can: Write a love poem. OR Write an anti-love poem.]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Wind

the bellowing whisk of the wind
deciphering your mindless banter
travels far to the corrupted cracks
of your heart and it ponders
why has thou forsaken me

haven't we been through
the wind ponders more,
haven't we been through eternity
together, rumbling from cloud,
to ocean to dawn, to

the time when you were born
of me, conceived of my filtered
colors rambling through the
northern tip of the world
swimming on the aurora

it flows out of your heart
and travels to your brain
it filters through the neurons
finding an exit route
finding your lost cell

where has thou gone the wind scurries
you used to understand me
but i'm not shoes, nor money,
nor tangible for that matter
why can't i be your friend

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like a fresh

Like a fresh field of dying carcasses
The cunning flies give birth to
Hundreds of maggots who eat
The field and leave in their death
A rich soil for our future

Like the fresh, teary woman who
Doesn’t believe in her own worth
Legions receive affirmation for
Their dreams and they ask her how
Could they ever repay such kindness

Like a fresh loaf of bread straight
Of the oven, the heart rises
The works of hard working flies,
Teary woman goes unpaid in this world
Payment only deflates the bread

[For today's prompt, take the phrase "Like (blank)," replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title to your poem, and write your poem.]

American Taboo

What of the world we live in
How are we adding to the dust

It seems that we ignore our problems
As if people are saying—Bring forth

People can’t and shouldn’t ignore
Their problems. Doesn’t work that way.

Or do we create change
What of the feelings we lock away

Your achievements and leave your
Hardship in a suitcase down at

In this stressful rat race the empowered,
Motivated, power-hungry and self-sufficient

How are we adding to the clutter
Or do we channel into greatness

The station; the train for honesty
Leaves in two minutes

Walk over fields of the rest of us
Breaking us further

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

one time, in august

i am single in ny
i am asian and
i am looking

have a good search

[For today's prompt, write a snapshot poem. When I think of snapshot, I think of a photograph or painting still life. The poem would bring this particular moment to life.]

I really didn't feel like writing a poem today. Call it lazy Saturday syndrome. Or rather I wrote till really late last night. Anyways, this poem is awesome because it is.

Profile of a Girl

Profile of a Girl

Hopeful as the new dawn
Understanding without judgment
Lovable, huggable, like a teddy bear
Sweeter than chocolate
This is what she thinks she is
This is what she wants to be
However, opinions vary
Unique thoughts quarrel with each other
Lately, though people want her
Some just want her more than others

[For today's prompt, write a profile poem. When I think of a profile poem, I'm thinking of social media profiles. Of course, I'll accept other takes on the prompt, such as describing a physical profile, or a piece on criminal profiling, etc. As always, the main thing is to write a poem.]

[That was my attempt. This is the poem, though, that I think reflects me more. (Written by someone else and used with permission.)]

A girl made of flagrant waves,
Having the devastating zeal of waters in her smile,
Waiting to end the world, with her guile,
But her heart throbs, to feel the commotion,
Of the inner soul,
And drown in the ocean,
And be a part of it;
So the nebulous soul,
Becomes luminous and bright,
And the pride,
Of being the ocean’s bride,
Taking away the nocturnal murkiness,
And giving the soul sublimity,
And a pleasure divine.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Love Affair...

Today is a very special day. Well, in a sense, every day is a very special day. They're all good days, lovely days, we just don't always see them as such. But anyways, today I want to present My Love Affair... or as I like to refer to as:

My Love Affair with Shahrukh Khan:
a tale of love for life and the scars that motivate me to survive

Long title. I know, that's why I changed it to My Love Affair...

But really, this book is about a fan-crush for Shahrukh Khan, the actor, love for life, and scars from my past that motivate me to survive. It's an interesting mix, strange and delectable, just like I would write it. I'm really proud of this piece as a whole. It's not quite the autobiographical or memoir piece that I will write about myself, my past, and the people around me. But, it's the beginning . A humble beginning to a whole new world that is me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love, Acceptance; Understanding

I'm tired of being someone I'm not
I'm tired of hiding my believes while half
The world flaunts theirs in my face

I'm tired of just nodding and smiling
I'm tired of being the only one who
Seeks to understand and accept their

I'm tired of sitting through sermons
I'm tired of people praying for me
To Convert when I only pray for their

I'm tired of being quiet
I'm tired of practicing in secret
When what I believe in isn't much

[For today's prompt, write an "ain't none of my business" poem. This poem could be about something that is none of your business. Or a poem about something with which no one else should be concerned. It could be a poem about someone ignoring something that maybe they shouldn't. It could be a poem that's silly. Or a poem that's serious.]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the sea of people

everything in this world
fluctuates on a stream
the variance of emotions,
people, circumstances,
and irregular paths
dilutes people from each other

at least for me
she was the only friend
who came over for dinner
her appearance is long forgotten
as is her name, her last name...
all lost in a wild storm of memories

in the great words of an anonymous source
"people come into our lives for
a reason, season, or lifetime"
the sea of people shifts and stirs
momentarily bringing two souls together
for a lithe meeting until waves pull

[For today's prompt, write a poem that remembers an old relationship.]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Poem A Day 2011 Challenge

Some might have noticed; some might have not. That I’ve been posting a poem every day for the past few days of April. Yes, I think I always post poems, but the poems I’ve been posting are part of this challenge.

Robert Lee Brewer, blogger for the Writer’s Digest, calls this the 2011 April PAD (Poem-a-Day) aka aprpad challenge. It’s goal is to make poets write new poems, based on the given prompts, during the month of April. There’s also some writing contest with a prize attached… but I don’t really care about that.

First, because it is my belief that if there’s a contest I’m never going to win. Second, because I didn’t think I could write a new poem based off a prompt for 30 days. Yeah, I haven’t been doing too well.

It’s really an exercise in how fast and how good you can latch onto your muse. For example, I’ve found that some days I have to coax the words to formulate. Other days I wonder if the words actually exist. They surely must, in some distant universe.

Earth to muse. I want to write a new poem today! [Silence.]

Starting this week I’m going to post links to the aprpad poems I find that I enjoy. Maybe I’ll coax these writers to submit to Enhance. We’ll see.

Personal Hell

smoldering glares behind frost
laden stares; ricocheting against glass
breaking molds; sauntering in lost
smoldering glares behind frost
tired bodies laying sins to exhaust
(he) who laughs last; has the best laugh
smoldering glares behind frost
laden stares; richocheting against glass

[Write a form poem.][I tried a triolet.]

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mushroom Cloud

maybe i gave up too soon
probably the agony covered
chocolate left my senses
to recline on the leaf of a
palm tree, gently swaying
in the breeze

perhaps i can let myself
sit on the mushroom cloud
dazed and amazed as
the powdery blue smoke
spreading in my lungs
if i fail to breathe his love

[For today's prompt, take the phrase "Maybe (blank);" replace the blank with a word or phrase.]

MM 11 APR 2011

Just another Monday Morning.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Never Ever

ever; forever
not happening
fuckit every time

i promise msyelf
to never fall in love
a charming individual

steals my heart
and i have to fight
them back for it

[For today's prompt, write a never again poem. Maybe you'll never again fall in love or never again tell a lie.]

you look beautiful

when you smile
you look outstanding.
and did you know
when you're surprised
you make the moon blush.
i bet your lips taste like
the glow of the rainbow
your crystaline tears produce.
i bet your heart beats steady
as the spinning of the earth
on its axis as day turns to night.
but did you know;
you look outstanding
even when you don't smile

Saturday, April 9, 2011

3:42 AM

just two more brush strokes
and I'll go to sleep
just two more sentences
and I'll be done with this story
just two more stories to edit

just two more pages to design
just two more hours till morning
just two more days till prepress
just have a lot of work to do
just gotta stay awake

until I don't have so much work to do

[For today's prompt, write a time of day poem. In fact, make the title of your poem the time of day. For instance, "5:54 a.m.," 2:23 p.m.," "Midnight," etc. Then, write your poem. Of course, different things happen at different times of day. So have fun with it.]

Friday, April 8, 2011


Some things;
                   ARE not worth fighting for
These things include:
Being cast aside like a cheap romance novel
Like a used play toy that’s never been loved
Like a chewed up, thumb-sized pencil
Like the stamp on a post card in the trash can
Like the discarded poems on restaurant napkins
Like the 100% real image but thought of as a
fucking illusion that really never happened

Because some people
                  ARE not worth keeping in touch with
These people only sought:
Amusement for a minute, an hour, a day
Flirtation for the moment until release
A rock to jump on while crossing the pond
A voice of reason to speak for them
Distraction to their never-ending boredom
The shoulder to cry on, blow their nose with
And fucking throw away the until they cry again

These people are not worth my time
                           They’re not REAL
                             Nothing is REAL

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Love

I might have confessed
Of the overpopulating colonies of daises
Residing in my heart every time we speak
His confession was brighter
Than the sun, warmer than its rays
Sweeter than high fructose corn syrup
But, what if the timing is wrong
Will all our good feelings scatter
With the dandelions

[For today's prompt, write a "what if" poem.]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Cry, Laugh

people think you're

weak if you falter
to the corner in tears

people think  you're

crazy if you spin
around the room—laughing

[For today's prompt, take the phrase "Don't (blank), (blank);" replace the blanks with a word or phrase; use the new phrase as the title of your poem; and then, write your poem.]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Copying from my Facebook Page!


My writer and animal loving friends. The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary needs your help! They are running low on funds used to educate and keep wolves, wolf dogs, foxes and other animals safe. They need our talents and kind nature to write write write! Write a letter, a recommendation, anything and send it to people that may help. TV, news, ad companies, fundraisers, heck send it to who you think may listen

Leyton Cougar needs our help. You can donate if you feel inclined, any amount. But words can help as well. I will be writing letters to spread the word. Also, Discovery and Animal Planet need to hear us! Wolf Daddy is an idea for a show. All it takes is 10 minutes of your time. Time you either spend staring at a TV or what have you. Its 10 minutes that can be used doing something good. We all have that ability to do it, so why not?

More info on the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This One Time

As a new, young citizen in diapers
I lay in the hospital for weeks
I don’t remember my thoughts then
But they were probably like the ones
I had a few years ago
I just remember crying
As I lay on the hospital bed
Waiting, for the anesthesia

I won’t say; “it was a ball”
Because it “majorly sucked”
Overall, the world would have
Kept oscillating at a 23.5 degree tilt
Around the sun at approximately
15 angular degrees per hour
24 hours per day, 7 days a week
Past my birth date

Overall, the differences I make
Would be made by similar people like me
But, I like to think
That my work is unique
My actions pure
My thoughts sincere
My reactions cautionary
My love unconditional

[Write a poem in which you imagine the world without you]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Around Here

Two seconds out the door
And the pang of dry
Sauna-like heat hits you
Like walking underneath
The Great Pyramids
Then there’s the sun
I love the sun
I battle it with sunglasses,
Sun lotion and the light
Within me

[For today's prompt, write a postcard poem. Make it brief and communicate what it is like where you are. Also, make it personal.]

Friday, April 1, 2011

late morning specialty

always follows the late night show
with yours truly
a laptop, notebook, pen
a couple of bottles of water
sometimes a bottle of Boones
other times we get a shot of Captain
most times it’s just water

it makes an ocean
that I sink to every night once the
sky changes color
the streetlight turns off and on
and I swim
I swim like a girl who’s only just
learned to swim like a pro

swim through the dark grime padded
underground caves of hopelessness
the bright caverns of golds and rubies
the shimmering moments of birth
the aching sorrow of defeat
the fear that alerts me
of my declining ability to remember

then I wake up
three hours too late
fifty dreams too soon
thirty minutes behind schedule
and I sit here with this
helpless look on my face

"what got you here" poem; 2011 April PAD (Poem-A-Day)