Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rambling Rant on Responsibility

I wrote several rants and deleted them instantly. This one is just a hodgepodge rant. One had to do with Occupy and how not everyone can be committed to everything all the time. You know, people need breaks, life events happen, and nobody is GOD. But at the same time, it gets tiring when you have a handful of people propelling an entire subregion group. In this instant, a certain level of organization and leadership develops naturally. At an organizational level, The people who have agendas run up to the front and pull. While the people who just want to keep the momentum going step behind them and pull carefully. The most committed individuals will struggle through, the rest will fall behind.

Then at a individual level, you have people who are friends, but not really. You know the kind who give great advice in one area but are completely unreliable in every other possible situation. No, you know that's not most upsetting. Most upsetting is becoming attached to people like this, accepting them for who they are, and then watching them turn the corner and completely disappear from your life. Yeah, I *totally* love these types of friendships. The total commitment to sympathize with a friend and support she or him in whatever they do is a very abstract concept to a lot of people. Seriously, who wants to commit to be there for someone who is there for you. Unheard of!

Then there's the people who are right no matter what. Don't fuck with them, it's not worth it.

What happened to responsibility? Integrity? Duty? Refraining from adding suffering to someone who is already suffering is negligible if there is profit involved. Encouraging for people to understand each other is redundant if we want to breed competitive monsters. How else are we going to supply the Consumer's supply and demand?

Is it then, also unheard of to commit to an idea, a movement, a chance of change because of personal responsibility? If we only care for consuming the latest fashions, or splurging for the latest gadget, then how are we going to assume a incredibly small sense of responsibility for the welfare of others. Or, is that really not appropriate in this modern time?

Everyone hold hands now, we're going to dive into the lava. No, no, marketing insists it's not lava, but we know it's lava and we're jumping in. 

The whole world is comprised of faulty systems that create short term solutions to continuous problems. 

Modern Life is business. Create a problem to solve, only to marginally solve it, thus creating more problems and more solutions that do not solve anything. Finally, wind up with an infrastructure of constant demand for profit. Necessity is the mother of invention, but right now necessity is being misplaced by those in power.

Now, wouldn't solving THE problem completely be the responsible thing to do?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Love Letter

Today, the sky shined the wrong color of love.
It’s light and frothy with the promises of forever.
Days like these, I wake up wanting to hold you.
I imagine Dawn using in your smile.
The hum of your chest illuminates my sense.
I’ll take you to the other end of the rainbow.
The end where it all began from the misty particles.

For All

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Break Through

Text by me. Photo by davetoaster.
I've done a lot of thinking in the past week. Mostly, about how a person can derive self worth, or inner worth. I thought of some questions. For example:

  • How can you measure self worth without taking into consideration the the great deeds of a person? 
  • What causes a person to feel satisfaction when doing good doesn't influence their level of achievement? 
  • What kind of understanding or acceptance does said person need from people?
I came to several conclusions. One, that life isn't always about tomorrow or about the past. Life is about the moment we live in. It's nothing more and nothing less. Planning for the future allows you to create hope for future moments while remembering the past helps create meaning to present moments. Together, one exists. Nothing more and nothing less.

Consequently, to live life to the fullest one must find things that complete his or her nature through each phase of life. It may be easier to do things that make one comfortable. At the same time some suffering is "good" while some isn't. Too much suffering, or the excess of pain, blinds a person. This is when thoughts of suicide, or permanent removal of one's existence overpowers the mind.

Not finding satisfaction, or deriving self worth can lead to great emotional and physical endless pain. At least, to the person who can't find satisfaction or self worth through their good deeds. This cycle of endless pain continues, and the void within expands until the individual may consequently wind up in a grave. But, that's not allowed because most, if not all pain can be dealt with.

It just takes an insane amount of power to find the solution.