Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I don't think I have Insomnia. I just have an insane will power to not sleep. I'm very much in favor of pushing the boundaries of sleep. I think the last time I had a solid sleep pattern was before my parents separated. Possibly, when I was six years old... I don't remember that far away, but it makes sense.

After my parents separated my mom had to become the 'bread' winner. She got a job at a 24-hour daycare (yes they exist). To our convenience, I spent a lot of nights at the daycare ever since I was seven. Children didn't sleep early in a daycare and I'm a light sleeper. It took years and years of practice of sleeping on the floor, carpet, tiny mat for me to practice the art of sleeping late.

This became useful when I was in high school. Especially, for my novel Internet and procrastinating homework habit. Fast forward to now and you have a very dedicated non-sleeper. Sleep is very important, though. You need at least 5-7 hours of sleep. One of my super-super long term goals is to sleep at night. Looks like I failed today, again.

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  1. Dude... speaking of things we have in common... Freaking insomnia. It drives me crazy. I often feel like if I could just sleep like a 'normal' person I would have SO much more energy to put into things. Not just because, ya know, I'd be well-rested, but also because I wouldn't be spending so much time and energy trying to make it so I -could- sleep.

    Grrr! Rawr!

    ~Rhonda Parrish