Sunday, April 22, 2012


Day 19 NaPoWrimo: Today I challenge you to take a poem that already exists (it could be one of your own), and rewrite it so that each line is the opposite of the original.

I tried, here's my mixed result of this poem.

I make you want to sing when others cry
I make you want to love when others die
I make you want to kill when others love me

I make you stay away when you commit crimes
I make you love me when you sin
I make you hold me when you detest yourself

I make you want to build the Earth from the core out
but I'm doing it for you
I make you want to breed Evil
but I'm doing it for you
I make you want to kill for me
but I'm doing that for you

I make your blood run smoothly with ice
for my unholy existence, dirty, and sinister
when I help you in the time of loneliness

I make your eyes dry with affection
for my blotched existence, warm, friendly
I was the last, built what was broken

I make you mine every time I say your name
for my pain would be see no satisfaction if I didn't touched you
but I do

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  1. You have done excellent with that opposite poem. Your poem holds together from beginning to the end! And is lovely!