Saturday, April 14, 2012

L-Lovely Poetry Book About Love

In particular, I'm talking about Rose Colored Lenses, Jaded Prescription. Now, I really should be thinking of something else (like the long work to do list, or the poems I need to catch up to), but no.

I first mentioned this book in the post G-Good Intentions. I wrote a little about how this book would be about unrequited love and being in the friendzone. The end result is a poetry book about juvenile love. The narrator is unsure whether she loves this guy or not. She also goes through polar opposites in some poems where she starts out praising the guy and ends up wishing him dead.

One of my alpha readers detests the narrator for being so immature about love. Yet, the reader also commented that the shorter poems were intense and that the reader felt the emotions with the narrator.

So, over all. I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that I created a something that speaks in emotions rather than words. I just hope everyone likes it when I release it. Here's a preview of one of the poems as it is right now (Might change in the beta version of the book).

My Dreams

Some lead me over a bridge
Several have me bleeding to death
Ones of eternal love that end with a kiss
Last long enough to make me wish
That I could tell him how much I care
I wake up wishing he felt the same

Oh right, I'm self publishing this. I'm extremely against the current copyright monopoly and believe that every author should hold all copyrights to their works. This might change if my plans to continue my poetry education lead me to an agent and or a publishing contract, but for now it's the way it is.


  1. I went over to G-Good Intentions. The dreaded 'friendzone' is an interesting area to explore through poetry-another version of unrequited love. I believe everyone, male and female, have been there once or thrice and can relate.

    1. Interesting and heart breaking! I can't wait to show everyone what I came up with. Thanks for reading :)