Sunday, April 22, 2012


The first library book that I lost and considered never finding (so that I could keep the book) was about Saturn. It was one of those elementary books, hard cover, had like 20 pages, and was part of my elemantary science project.

Saturn was cool because it started with the letter S and my real name is Sarai. Saturn is also the sixth planet from the sun. It has beautiful rings, and cute moons. It's also pretty big and freaking cold.

Saturn was my gateway into loving science and space (which also start with the letter S). I loved science and space so much that I created a fantasy story with 'aliens' that looked like us humans. It was more a fantasy that had magic, some space crafts, lots of shapeshifting, and the occasional mass killings.

The writing style is awful, though. One day I'll have to go back and re-write it all from the beginning. But, it's a cool story and the only fantasy world I ever created. It's kind of cute how it all started because I liked Saturn.

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  1. Ahhh... nice to find a science fan! My family thinks the fact that I find science fascinating is... a bit weird. :-|