Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T-Time Management

I'm terrible at time management. Usually, I end up piling too much. It has to do with my perfectionist/over achiever streak that I developed in high school. My biggest over achievement moment in high school had to do with class credits. I had it all planned out, get As and Bs in four science courses, four technology courses, and skip into the top ten percent. Achieving that awarded me 2 ribbons and one medal for my grade school career and a neat scholarship for the beginning of my college career.

While in college I busied myself with a full time coursework, several leadership positions in various groups, a part time job, various design gigs, and parties. Work hard and party hard! Then I graduated, and my time went into one big project: work. I'm addicted to work and poorly manage all my time into one publishing company and one graphic design job. Sometimes I venture out of work to read a book or look up the latest technologies, but not really.

Work harder! Could be my mantra, but I refuse. I refuse to call it work. I want to spend long hours inside a studio, with paints or jewelry. Or creating different color effects in Photoshop. Or scribbling away long winded sentences about things I think about, or questions that haunt the corners of the bedroom. I want to sleep at ten in the evening and rise at four so that I can pretend to have stayed up all night. Pour some spiced tea and read the day's articles and listen to the wind play with the branches.

That's my time management dream. To create huge blocks of time in my day to create, create, create.

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  1. i'm terrible with balance. i do ONE thing and everything else goes out the window. :)