Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why You Should Shop at Lady Vance & Co

Well, I want to say because it has my name on it. But, I can't be that vain (at least not right now). Lady Vance & Co is a one of my dreams. I always dreamed that I wanted a store. In my dream, this store was about six stories high with a book store, a cafe, a fashion section, and a lot of open spaces for people to gather and communicate.

Thanks to modern logistics, I reduced that dream to a e-store. I wanted to call it the Chinese Gun Emporium, but that name got shot down instantly by everyone. So instead, I settled for two e-stores. One is a place for books and magazines (On Impression Books) and a place for fashion and other trinkets (Lady Vance & Co).

Thanks to my awesome friends who are helping with On Impression, On Impression Books boasts 3 e-books available at Amazon. And thanks to my awesome friends Lady Vance & Co features hand-crafted necklaces by me and hand-crafted books by a friend.

So why should you shop at Lady Vance & Co? Because the necklaces are beautiful!

At the time of this post,
there are only 6 necklaces available to purchase.


  1. Hey -you stole my dream jobs. Jewelry maker AND writer? No fair. ;)

    Congrats on your two new stores, Sopphey!

    1. Thanks! You can still be a jewelry maker and writer! :D