Saturday, April 28, 2012


Xerces is the name of a Deftones Song (Youtube Link to a Video).

Here are the lyrics (source AZ Lyrics):
Universe surrounds,
When you're ready
It waits for us to leave this earth
Come on,
They're calling the name out
I don't know I could stay or leave
Either way
Cause the comet can take us all the way through
Safe, heaven, new
I'll be waving, goodbye
Return to see everything looks the same
I don't know if the change made was grave
Cause the craving remains the same
Safe, heaven, new
I'll be waving, goodbye
I'll be waving,
I'm particularly drawn to this song, like most sad songs, because I can feel the music. OK, yes, everyone can feel music. You hear it, you move to it, it moves your feelings, and it affects your thoughts. But, it's songs like these where my mind goes into this special place I call the "No Fly Zone." Not everyone has a No Fly Zone. If you do, then you can probably describe it better than me.

The No Fly Zone, is that special place where you're not here nor there. You're engaged, yet you're distant. Caught in the motions, and wishing to be adrift on memories. Or like in the song, uncertain whether to stay or leave.

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  1. I love your description of the "No Fly Zone" you have here--and I love those moments when a song takes you (or, takes me) there! Thanks for sharing this!