Tuesday, May 1, 2012

International Workers Day

Occupy is Love. No apologies here.
I'm very sympathetic to workers. Mostly, because I've been on the end where the boss doesn't really care about you even though you're working and doing your best for six days a week from 7AM till a little bit after 7PM (with around two breaks around 45 minutes each). I'm also very sympathetic to workers because sometimes you work so hard and still gain little. It's how I feel in the recent two years.

Anyway, workers are cool! We have to thank a lot of old workers for their great contributions to our lives. Such as, the 8 hour work day! And weekends! Err... benefits! Thanks a whole bunch! I haven't had the opportunity to share the following poem on my blog yet, so today will do. Enjoy!

I Am a Worker

every day of my life
i have worked to get by
i've been bought, sold,
and traded since I was nine

first job was one of a kind
set up tables at the pulga
two hours a weekend for a 5

going up the age ladder
raising kids without collecting fees
to later leave the valley
as a 100-dollar per week nanny

my extended resume makes me laugh
sandwich artist, pizza artist, fryer watcher,
cleaning artist, jello artist, cashier, mentor,
designer, editor, writer, note taker, health educator

one day my job didn't support me
chain of events left me eating
green or black tea for a week, two weeks

working to get by doesn’t leave room
room for mistakes… for mistakes
trading off hours for dollars
inspiration for references

nobody sees it quite like me
but, there are others suffering with me
just looking for a new job
with little to no experience

just a lower class girl full of dreams
not being able to live my dreams
feels like living life with my eyes closed

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  1. Beautiful closing lines, Sopphey. Glad you made your way to writing poetry.

    1. Thank you Michelle, I'm glad I'm writing poetry too.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to workers on May Day. Tweeting this out.

  3. Your poetry is beautiful and the way you juggled all those challenges in April is inspiring. I want to give you a little something to show you how awesome you are!


    1. Thank you, thank you, I'll probably end up thanking you a hundred times for this.