Monday, May 7, 2012

MM 7 May 2012

(Cinco de Mayo Reflections & Music)

Monday! I despise Mondays even though I work every day of the week. Some days I work a minimum of four hours while others I'm busied for 16+ hours. So, to make Mondays better I started creating a "Monday Morning" playlist.

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MM 7 May 2012 by Sopphey Vance on Grooveshark

In this playlist:

1. Mi Niña - Los Angeles Negros
2. Déjenme Si Estoy Llorando - Los Angeles Negros
3. Angelitos Negros - Los Pasteles Verdes
4. De Que Menara Te Olvido - Los Pasteles Verdes
5. Cielito Lindo - Pedro Infante
6. Amrocito Corazon - Pedro Infante
7. Al Despertar - Rayito Colombiano
8. Me Gusta Vivir de Noche - Los Tucanes de Tijuana
9. Señor Locutor - Los Tigres Del Norte

This past weekend sort of inspired this playlist of some of my favorite Mexican songs. Sort of, and you'll see why. This past Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, one of non-Mexican's most favorite holidays. It's the equivalent to the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day. Everyone brings out their favorite Mexican dishes, puts on their sombreros, and parties like the Americanized version of Mexican pachangas.

In Mexico, the day is a celebration of the Mexican victory in the battle in the state of Puebla against the French. Did you know that? Not too many people do. So, you may wonder, why is Sopphey talking about Mexicans and or criticizing the Americanized version of Cinco de Mayo. Well, I was born Mexican, my real name is Sarai Oviedo, and being Mexican isn't anything you think it is, for the most part.

Being Mexican means being obedient. Obedient to God (Catholicism being the majority's religion), Obedient to the law (or the lawless ways), Obedient to the oldest family member, and or ultimately being Obedient to men. Little Sarai did not believe in obedience and has some nice memories of being hit. And screamed at. My punishment was being forced into caring for the majority of the chores. Not only that, as I grew into an apathetic existence where what I believed didn't matter as long as the household kept running.

The keep running or fall behind feeling. The I'm going to work until I can't work at all mentality became part of my identity. It's how I still consider myself Mexican. Are all Mexicans obedient? Are all Mexican's like me? No, there are many different flavors of Mexicans just like there are very different personalities in all countries and cultures. However, no matter how bitter I can get about obedience in Mexican culture, this playlist is only a snippet of the wide variety of music in Mexico.


  1. Thanks for a brief history of Cinco de Mayo! Stopping by to say hello. Don't work too hard on this Monday.(fellow MNINBer)

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Sopphey, I loved this post! We had just looked up The history of Cinco de Mayo. It's interesting that it's become so Americanized. Your experiences with obedience, or lack thereof, broke my heart. I'm hoping you can take some guilt-free time off now and again! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked this post and I'm sorry it broke your heart! Will some Frosted Brown Sugar Pop Tarts unbreak it?