Friday, May 11, 2012

My Iron Supplements are Photogenic

They're also good for your heart.
You know what else is good for your heart? Love. No wait, that's not always good for your heart. Love can lead to heart break, nobody likes heart break. In late March I decided I was going to be really heartful and make a poetry book full of love poems. I finished gathering and writing around 13 poems in one night and was satisfied.

Then in April, I took this notion one step forward and blogged about the poetry book as part of the April A to Z Blog Post Challenge. G-Good Intentions, the post describes the book a little bit, then in L-Lovely Poetry Book About Love talks about it some more. This lovely heart photo is your first preview at the cover for the poetry book. I'm not using this photo for the cover (it's not colorful enough!), but if I would have it would look like this:

Very, very iron like.
I'm pretty excited about this book because it's like one really long poem broken into different tenses all about the same characters. And, all about love.


  1. Congratulations on this project, Sopphey. Looking forward to reading your poems.

  2. I also can't wait to read it! Let me know when it's out!

  3. Thanks guys. I'll definitely keep everyone up to date as I edit the poems and design the book!

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