Thursday, June 28, 2012

Them Wax Crayons

The kind from the dollar store
64 sticks of wax and minimum pigment
Incorporated crayon sharpener bonus
I’d sit away, making heavy indentations
Onto a white piece of paper
With brand new crayons

Tips would fade into the waxy covering
I’d sit away, ripping the labels
Ignoring official names
Mistaking the blue for green for black
For violet for darker green for darker blue
They crossed colored paths

Making a layer of colored wax waves
Finally locating the black
I’d make a black cover to rule them all
Furiously, not caring for its life
Until all the colorful joys
Became black covered woes

I’d sit away
Scratching mindless designs
Etching away darkness
Reveling in the colorful dull glow
Just like I do now


  1. I was in awe of the box of 64, Sopphey.

  2. loved my box of crayons, too. have my own poem about them, but i love your take on the black crayon's place!

    1. Crayons are that awesome. Do you have a link for your poem... or is it a secret poem only to be shared in PMs?