Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Romantic

I have a secret romantic side to me. Not much of a secret now, since I've told you. But, it can still be secretive, no?

I did some research for a story I'm writing and chanced upon three great finds. First, that Henry the VIII knew how to party. Second, that I would really like to own some tunes composed by Robert Morton:

Third, the European Romantic Era really influenced my writing. When I really get down to it, like really-really get into the writing of certain types of poems... it just comes out pretty. The words combine to form a delicacy of some sorts.

For example this poem:


Dare you mock me with
Your vile, splendid hands?
Hold me captive to
Your glamour. Oh why me?
What have I done
To receive your cruel attention;
Delicate and enchanting.

and this poem:

Know You

I'd like to know you.
Take my fingers to your lips,
Deflowering your innocent speech;
Corrupting your elegant wit.
I want to take that crescent smile,
Devour it in this lunatic hour.
Be mine, valentine.
Oh love, you will be in time.

Or my favorite:

Ode to the Universe

Everlasting out of sight
you are the light in my line of sight
protecting me from myself,
me from the world,
the world against itself

thy beauty and grace
portrayed along the sides of angelic waves
in the oceans
combined to make a home
for the beginning of life on Earth

multitudes of species
engaging, interacting with each other
in the harmony of molecules,
sea bubble, sea anemone, coral reef, seaweed

the rays of the sun
and the shimmer of the moon
do not compare to thy beauty.
oh fair, fair, emblem of love, hope, and fate

in thy core lies the embodiment of God
the child you consummate with the soul of this world,
this life, the universe

from spring to summer
to winter to fall.
from birth to death
conception to suicide,
you are there for us, from us

protecting me from myself,
me from the world,
the world against itself,
the world against you

I like this secret romantic side to me. It challenges my writing, and I can never back down from that challenge.


  1. Really nice poetry Sopphey. My favorite is Know You. By the way, I loved that Bollywood movie you posted yesterday. Really lovely to watch. :)

    1. Thank you Veronica. I'm glad you enjoyed the Bollywood movie, too! What was your favorite part?