Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time Lapse

Time is of the essence. It's very interesting how people associate time. Some people, associate time with activities they do. For example, summer is the time away from school. Fall marks the beginning of studying, and everything school related. Winter marks more time away from school. Spring marks a couple of weeks of more time away from school. And back to summer, the a long time away from school.

I mention school, because that is how I scheduled my time for 16 years. Then, I started living in the 'real world.' It's more of a 'close enough,' real world, really. I wake up a little after 11a, eat breakfast. Some days I work out, others I read about new work outs (that I use the following day I work out). Around 1p, I do some important design. Around 5p I start writing, or editing, or emails. I also have a bad habit of going to bed around 4a.

I do that everyday. Except for Fridays, when I don't do much work and watch a movie or music videos. I'm always wary of the constant ticking of time. Some days, when I feel I have too much time, I create more. Or I'll work longer on writing. My role as designer and my role as publisher allows me different tasks for different days. Thus, I'm always aware of the day, the task; almost everything has it's time slot. It's what it is. I fill my time with creating, with being, and most of all with experiencing nature for myself.

It might not look like a lot to the outside world. It might look like I just spend time all day, every day working and nurturing my own cynical thoughts. I probably do. But, most importantly I'm taking it easy. I needed this easy. I need this easy while I transition from the overzealous hardworker to... well to being an overzealous writer/publisher.

Or maybe I just need time to lapse this way until I can find my way again and be everything I want to be.

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  1. Thanks for once again sharing your thoughts so beautifully and honestly. I love the image!