Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 191 For Today's prompt write a memory poem. The poem could be a personal memory, someone else's memory, or even play with the fact that some people lose memories. Just remember to write a poem.


Laying back in the pool
Body knew what to do
Swift kick, two kicks
So many kicks!

But only moved inches
Away from the other end
Where the sun shines
And my cheeks burned

Walking forward
Piggy-backing my sister
Half a step, just one step
I got nowhere

Back against the water
One full breath, three full breaths
One kick, two kicks
Faster kicks; laborious kicking

My old memories cried
As a whirlwind of daggers
Pierced through my frame
And I walked

To the side of the pool
Where I lay my head
On the hot burning tiles
And my old self cried


  1. Sopphey Says - Hi sensitive soul, have you ever checked out You might like it. Sending love and hugs.

    1. I'm checking it :) Thanks for stopping by.