Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Support a Fundraiser

Publishing is very rewarding.

I read works, I turn my head to works, and I hug and hold on to exquisite "I can't believe I'm reading/seeing this; I'm so lucky" works. I can't describe the feeling of being a publisher. It's this special feeling that sinks in after days of reading, days of editing, and long nights of design. It's that inkling of reasoning that wins day after day.

I'm confident that members of the On Impression Network feel the same. We got together and created a master fundraiser goal for our combined magazines, blogs, and other publishing ventures. You should support us in our quest to publish new and emerging artists.

Check out my super formal donation letter or read a sample from our newest release.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New in Sopphey Land

New! Well, relatively new as I just found out about the awesome blogger developments. I think once Google figured the potential of blogs as "web pages" they turned their code around. The new Madonna CD is out, listen to it for free on Spotify and compare the different electronic genres in each track for fun. The price conformity is rising, buy your comforts now! There is no time like right now to understand the novelties presented in our life. Let's just look the other way now.