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Political Banter

I'm not fond of our President. I just don't think him and I stand on the same page. Let alone, agree on issues. But, since our country is a total shit storm, I would totally vote for him. You know, because, his marketing team can be smart. Ideally, though, I'd cast my vote on Gary Johnson. He's the running man for the Libertarian party, and is kinda cool.

What's even more cool, is that both Our President and Mr Johnson did a sort Q&A on (remember, it's my favorite website in the whole wild world). Our President answered a total of 10 questions during his Q&A while Gary Johnson answered roughly 30. The differences between the Q&As lengths probably have to do with reddit server issues, popularity between the two candidates, and media coverage.

Reddit has a ton of server issues. No joke, they fail a lot. On a scale of one to five, five being high, more people know about Our President as opposed to Gary Johnson. This popularity also means that media sources will highlight on a Q&A with Our President more than with Gary Johnson. However, I'm not the media so I tried to mark similar topics between both of their answers (in their Q&As and additional comment history) and found three. You can read Our President's Q&A here and Gary Johnson's here.

The lucky three similar topics:

Money in Politics Related

Question from Our President's Q&A: What are you going to do to end the corrupting influence of money in politics during your second term?

President's Answer: Money has always been a factor in politics, but we are seeing something new in the no-holds barred flow of seven and eight figure checks, most undisclosed, into super-PACs; they fundamentally threaten to overwhelm the political process over the long run and drown out the voices of ordinary citizens. We need to start with passing the Disclose Act that is already written and been sponsored in Congress - to at least force disclosure of who is giving to who. We should also pass legislation prohibiting the bundling of campaign contributions from lobbyists. Over the longer term, I think we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process to overturn Citizens United (assuming the Supreme Court doesn't revisit it). Even if the amendment process falls short, it can shine a spotlight of the super-PAC phenomenon and help apply pressure for change.


Suggestion from a reddit post: Should politicians wear uniforms like NASCAR racers?

Gary Johnson: I've been saying this throughout my campaign for president. We need transparency in the process so voters know who where the donations are coming from. The size of the patch on the uniform ought to be relative to the size of the donations received -- the bigger the patch the bigger the donation received.

Job Related

Question for Our President: I am recent law school graduate. Despite graduating from a top school, I find myself unemployed with a large student loan debt burden. While I'm sure my immediate prospects will improve in time, it's difficult to be optimistic about the future knowing that my ability to live a productive life -- to have a fulfilling career, to buy a house, to someday raise a family -- is hampered by my debt and the bleak economic outlook for young people. I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. Many of us are demoralized. Your 2008 campaign was successful in large part due to the efforts of younger demographics. We worked for you, we campaigned for you, and we turned out in record numbers to vote for you. What can I say to encourage those in similar situations as I am to show up again in November? What hope can you offer us for your second term?

President's Response: I understand how tough it is out there for recent grads. You're right - your long term prospects are great, but that doesn't help in the short term. Obviously some of the steps we have taken already help young people at the start of their careers. Because of the health care bill, you can stay on your parent's plan until you're twenty six. Because of our student loan bill, we are lowering the debt burdens that young people have to carry. But the key for your future, and all our futures, is an economy that is growing and creating solid middle class jobs - and that's why the choice in this election is so important. The other party has two ideas for growth - more taxs cuts for the wealthy (paid for by raising tax burdens on the middle class and gutting investments like education) and getting rid of regulations we've put in place to control the excesses on wall street and help consumers. These ideas have been tried, they didnt work, and will make the economy worse. I want to keep promoting advanced manufacturing that will bring jobs back to America, promote all-American energy sources (including wind and solar), keep investing in education and make college more affordable, rebuild our infrastructure, invest in science, and reduce our deficit in a balanced way with prudent spending cuts and higher taxes on folks making more than $250,000/year. I don't promise that this will solve all our immediate economic challenges, but my plans will lay the foundation for long term growth for your generation, and for generations to follow. So don't be discouraged - we didn't get into this fix overnight, and we won't get out overnight, but we are making progress and with your help will make more.


Question: Here's another one for you Gary: do you support the protestors on Occupy Wall Street? How do you feel about their message? Does it bother you at all that you are, technically, part of the 1%?

Gary Johnson: Last week I went down to the Occupy Wall Street protest to see it first hand.

I found one thing to be clear… these protests are one more symptom of the anger Americans, including me, feel about an outrageous jobless rate, a government that bails out people who don’t deserve to be bailed out, and policies that have us spending billions on wars we shouldn’t be fighting, especially when we have real needs right here at home.

I probably don’t agree with some of the solutions many of the protestors are advocating, but at some level we need to ask ourselves why thousands of people are taking to the streets as a way to express their frustrations. There is a lot of anger in America today, and there should be. I personally think that anger should be directed toward an administration that breeds distrust by picking winners and losers in the economy, while threatening the freedoms of individuals. I am mad about the Obama administration’s inability to deal with the unemployment rate. This administration as with the Bush administration is becoming a problem when it comes to jobs and the economy and not the solution.

While I was Governor of New Mexico I made it a point to listen to every citizen’s concern first hand. I held an open door to the Governor’s office every Thursday afternoon and invited anyone with an issue to bring their problem directly to my office. I, for one, believe everyone deserves to be heard, whether I agree with them or not. In that sense, it is a mistake to dismiss these protests, and I wanted to at least take the time to see what they are about.

Foreign Policy Related

Question: What was the most difficult decision that you had to make during this term?

Our President: The decision to surge our forces in afghanistan. Any time you send our brave men and women into battle, you know that not everyone will come home safely, and that necessarily weighs heavily on you. The decision did help us blunt the taliban's momentum, and is allowing us to transition to afghan lead - so we will have recovered that surge at the end of this month, and will end the war at the end of 2014. But knowing of the heroes that have fallen is something you never forget.


Question: Israel? You would continue all foreign aid? just some foreign aid(to Israel for one I guess) or stop all foreign aid. My understanding is that Paul would end all foreign aid.

Gary Johnson: I advocate ending all foreign aid, but I draw a distinction with military alliances believing military alliances are the key to having other countries share in the world vigil against terrorism and not just us allowing us to cut military spending by 43%.

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The Lovely Horrible Stuff

Money can be a necessary evil. I say that because I'm a bit broke right now and can't buy all of the books I want to buy. Yes, I know, I can always go to the library and check them out. But, nothing beats highlighting the shit out of a book with a yellow off-brand highlighter from the dollar store. Funny, that the book I ended up reading is about money, though.

The following publisher's blurb for The Lovely Horrible Stuff sparked a curiosity and promise of greatness.

Money makes the world go round, as they say. And around. And around.

Eddie Campbell is an award-winning graphic novelist (Alec, From Hell) whose work defies categorization. His latest book is a dizzying autobiographical investigation into MONEY. It's a voyage that takes him all the way from the imaginary wealth of Ponzi schemes to the real hard stuff on an obscure South Sea tropical island where he investigates the history of the stone money. This is no dry and dusty treatise on finance; any complexities are pleasingly reduced to the level of bubblegum trading cards. In here you will hear about the corporation that Campbell keeps under his bed; you will meet colorful historical characters and be taken on dangerous shark-infested sea adventures; and after that, we will all plunge to the depths to retrieve our loose change.

Campbell's wry eye and vivid full-color artwork imbue the proceedings with real humanity, making The Lovely Horrible Stuff an investment that's worth every penny. --A 96-page deluxe full-color hardcover (co-published with Knockabout).

Naturally, I got something to say about this hybrid book. The first part was wonderful. It was just so nice to read, even more so because I'm a starving artist. Focusing on the artist, part.

One of my favorite scenes is when Eddie has a conversation with William Shakespeare. He asks: "Don't you think it's absurd that the creative life is so taken up with writing letters just to get the money that's already been earned?"

To which Shakespeare replies: "Eddie, 'tis truth indeed that you speak. So many of my finest phrases have been recommissioned into the service of debt collection. For example, ahem! Thrice you have promised me that said monies will arrive... tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow."

Shakespeare goes onto give another example and just about loses it: "However, such niggling discomposes us; we lose patience. Until we cannot but unleash our fury extempore... Oh be thou damned, inexorable dog! Thy currish spirit governed a wolf, hanged for human slaughter. Even from the gallows did his fell soul flee and infused itself in thee! For thy meanness is wolfish, bloody, starved, and ravenous. But wait! There's more. Perchance monies have been sent before your receipt of this letter... what do you think of the soliloquy from my new play?"

The second part of the book... well it was very practical. I find from the Yap Wikipedia article that Yap is an economist's mirror. Mirror, because economists wish to see what they cannot see with our current economic values. They pick and pull at Yap's stone system. They value the stones through their history; and even try to convert them to our monetary system.

The more I read through Eddie's explanation of the crafting of the Rais, the more I couldn't help but think that we got it all wrong. That, Rais weren't really a currency tool, but a display of power. The real currency is the power of one man over the other. And so, in a very metaphorical way, the exchanging of ownership of these Rais disturbed the balance of power and created a decent homeostasis for the island. I'll just stop at that conjecture because it sounds too idealistic.

Visit Eddie's blog at and/or check out some sweet previews  here.

Also, do you like reading books; watching movies? Have you ever come across a book or movie that inspired you to write about it? I'm looking for guest bloggers.

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MM 27 Aug 2012

Crazy youtube playlist day.

Track List:

1. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House - LCD Soundsystem
2. Valerie - Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse
3. Celebrate - Mika featuring Pharrell
4. Soil to Seed - Matthew Dear
5. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids
6. Just Like Heaven - The Cure
7. The Sound of Music - Joy Division
8. Wizard of Sextown (Bisected Banshee Mix) - RevCo
9. The Path (PS Version) - HIM

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Looking for Guest Bloggers

I'm looking for people who enjoy (or really did not enjoy) a movie or book so much that they want to write about it. I'm not particularly interested in reviews about the hottest book or the current blockbuster. I'm interested in old books, books you'd never read if they didn't have multi-million marketing campaigns. Also, in not so recent movies, or movies you wouldn't see adverts for at the local mall. In short, I'm looking for reviews on books and movies that might have been forgotten in today's fast-paced world. Or really, just any book that is different.

In addition, I'm not looking for reviews on techniques or related criticism. Example of what I'm not looking for: "O.M.G. the acting, ligthing, style. This director is cream cheese on bagels with salmon. Of course, with whole grain bagel. I felt the fresh salt taste in this salmon inspired me to go parasailing."

Just looking for your experience with the movie/book. Or any insights you gathered from it.

Some notable examples:

My Year Without Sex (2009) and Umrao Jaan (1981)

Inseparable and Fifty Shades Trilogy

Examples in an unorganized fashion.

If you're interested send me an email to

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Protect Your Ovaries (and or your vaginal interests)

Let's talk about sex. Just kidding, I actually dislike talking about sex. It's a crazy relationship as an erotica writer and my Erotica Writer Woe #3. But ovaries, I can talk about ovaries. In my brief history as a safer sex educator I learned a lot about the delicacies of ovaries. 

First, this post is not pleasant. Skip the unpleasant bits and go donate to your nearest Planned Parenthood: http://www.plannedparenthood.orgor go give a woman you love a hug. Everyone loves hugs. Additionally, you can sign this:

Continuing. If a woman's ovaries are achy she may be prone to a distasteful mood that may or may not lead to arguments. Ovaries are very important. They house women's future babies, they create chemical reactions in women, and they can get sick. The worst distress for ovaries can be cancer, yet most distress can and will destroy a woman's self image. If you're unsure, run a quick web search for the following terms: PCOS, endometriosis, hysteroctomy, and or fibroids. Run an image search if you dare.

It's unsettling what can happen to the human body. Now imagine a woman in uterine pain, with uterine cancer; better yet the whole organs nearby are deteriorating like mad. The quality of life at that point is dismal. But, lucky for us there's medicine! And doctors! Or better yet medicine! What a wonderful world we live in, where just anyone can visit their health center for a quality doctor visit.

Ha. Like if everyone can afford the luxury of healthcare. For some women, places like Planned Parenthood are a lifeline. Yes, a lifeline. Because in the lifestyle of poor, every decision made is a life changing decision. In Texas, a majority of women qualify for a “Women's Health Program,” that allows free access to pap smears, STI testing, and other wonderful things for better health and safer sex.

Let's make sure that women can have lifelines. Donate to your nearest Planned Parenthood: or go give a woman you love a hug. Everyone loves hugs. Additionally, you can sign this:

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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 189. For today’s prompt, write a discovery poem.


Her Master said
that she's just a slave

She responds with regret
That she'll no longer want him

To which He replied
I release you
If you wish to return
Send proof you're of any worth

How could such cruelness exist
When the one you serve
Holds you in no regards

This seems to be a different topic for me. I'm still not sure about it. Did you write a poem for this prompt? If you did, did you blog it and want to share the link with me?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making Opinions

I'm not a traditional anything. That can include not being a traditional reader, traditional editor...  and as of late, I'm not a traditional movie watcher. I started looking for different movies in the Foreign section on Netflix. This led me to My Year Without Sex. 

Netflix description:
In the wake of a near-fatal brain aneurysm, thirtysomething Melbourne mom Natalie (Sacha Horler) and her affable hubby, Ross (Matt Day), enter a period of doctor-ordered abstinence while they raise their children Louis (Jonathan Segat) and Ruby (Portia Bradley). Wrestling with myriad problems in the bedroom and out, Natalie has a year to remember in this warm and funny dramedy from Australian writer-director Sarah Watt. 

The movie description promised a comedy; yeah I don't think I saw anything humorous about it. Really, what is humorous about [spoilers] a bursting blood vessel, a coworker with a onesided affinity for a married man, a dead fish, a puppy being bitten by a ferocious older dog, a dissatisfied mother, possible pedophile predators, and a harassed father [/spoiler]? The movie is annoyingly unfunny. But, I stuck with it for 96 minutes because I had a hunch. Just a small hunch that themes about sex or God or life or relationships could be brought to closure into one small scene. And it did, somewhere around the 77th minute.

Louis, the 12 year old son, sat outside the filming room at the movie theater. He waited for his friends and for the movie to end. Meanwhile, an older male character, possibly too friendly for our own good, sat next to Louis. They engage in pleasantries starting with hello. The older male character questions Louis about the movie, Louis acknowledges that he didn't like it. And that's when things get interesting.

“What's it about?” The older male asked.

“Mostly boys kissing girls.”

“You prefer boys?”

“To what?”

“To girls.”


“On what?”

“On what you're doing. Girls aren't as good at football. Except for Stacey. She's fantastic.”

“I guess I meant, you know, sexy things.”

“I don't know. I'm waiting til puberty 'til I decide.”

The scene pretty much ends there, as well as the closure for the movie for me. In a not traditional movie watcher opinion the 'punchline' of this scene is, “I don't know. I'm waiting til puberty 'til I decide.” Why? Because, we're taught that we need to make opinions about everything. Clothes, people, personalities, political issues, and food; just to name a few. Opinions are serious business. It's easier, as an opinion maker, to make opinions slowly. Or, if you're Todd Akins, it's just easier to keep your opinion to yourself. Back to serious business. Opinions break or make everything in our modern culture. If they're so important, then why do we rush to make opinions? Why can't we just wait till 'puberty' or when we can make an informed opinion to figure these things out?

Let's take more time to make our opinions. I know I'll try my best to do so. How do you form opinions? Do you change opinions sometimes, most times, or all the time? Do you think opinions are serious business? These are just questions I'm going to ponder, we could ponder them together too. I always like to hear other's opinions or thoughts.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time Lapse

Time is of the essence. It's very interesting how people associate time. Some people, associate time with activities they do. For example, summer is the time away from school. Fall marks the beginning of studying, and everything school related. Winter marks more time away from school. Spring marks a couple of weeks of more time away from school. And back to summer, the a long time away from school.

I mention school, because that is how I scheduled my time for 16 years. Then, I started living in the 'real world.' It's more of a 'close enough,' real world, really. I wake up a little after 11a, eat breakfast. Some days I work out, others I read about new work outs (that I use the following day I work out). Around 1p, I do some important design. Around 5p I start writing, or editing, or emails. I also have a bad habit of going to bed around 4a.

I do that everyday. Except for Fridays, when I don't do much work and watch a movie or music videos. I'm always wary of the constant ticking of time. Some days, when I feel I have too much time, I create more. Or I'll work longer on writing. My role as designer and my role as publisher allows me different tasks for different days. Thus, I'm always aware of the day, the task; almost everything has it's time slot. It's what it is. I fill my time with creating, with being, and most of all with experiencing nature for myself.

It might not look like a lot to the outside world. It might look like I just spend time all day, every day working and nurturing my own cynical thoughts. I probably do. But, most importantly I'm taking it easy. I needed this easy. I need this easy while I transition from the overzealous hardworker to... well to being an overzealous writer/publisher.

Or maybe I just need time to lapse this way until I can find my way again and be everything I want to be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

97 Days Left

Submitting to magazines, blogs, competitions, and everything in general is a quest for discipline. Too many times I've told myself "nah, I can't think of a good poem... I'm just going to read tweets, blog posts, and or watch a move." But. I'm tired of that. I do not have an excuse to not attempt to write. I have a million of ideas, I know so because at the end of the day I reflect upon them and how brilliant these lines can be in a poem.

Sometimes we have to sit with ourselves and say, "Come on now. Really, we're going to watch a movie. Let's turn off the distractions and concentrate on letting the burst of imagery that's been haunting you all day."

Now, this might not work everyday. It might not even work that one day... but it is a quest for discipline. The discipline of writing is just as elusive as the craft of writing some times. And my goodness, it's way more elusive that the sacred muse.

It doesn't hurt to push yourself a bit.

An Intro, I Suppose

I've been writing poetry since I was a little over 10 years old. I wrote about love at first and have skirted around the issue ever since. In a way, Rose Colored Lenses; Jaded Prescription is my rediscovery of love poetry. This collection makes me wonder if I do have a hidden hopeless romantic side to me.

At first, I intended to write about the often-discussed friendzone, and even though I touched up on some of the same feelings felt while friendzoned, this collection turned into something more like unrequited love. I'm very thrilled to present this collection to the world, and hope that everyone can connect to one or more stages of love in the poems.

This is my first book of poetry and at this point I want to add some disclaimers. No matter how similar these situations may appear to those that know me, they're not anything they claim to be. OK, maybe that wasn't clearly written. These situations do not depict actual situations, conversations, and or feelings related to my life. It's a crossbreed of fact and fiction. Truth, lies, and everything in between.

I want to thank my alpha and beta readers for helping refine this book. I love you all and can't thank you enough for the endless nights of pondering over yet another love poem. I promise the next poetry book I write will not be about love.

Buy a copy for your Kindle.

More posts about Rose Colored Lenses; Jaded Prescription

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Monday, August 13, 2012

98 Days Left

This post is a little bit late... but 100 days is a long time; so it's technically only 2 days late. I've accumulated a bunch of poems from many poetry-a-day/prompts and now it's time to package them up and send them off. I plan to do this for 100 days, because I know that I have more than 100 poems. Plus, I'm sure people have a ton of poems/stories to submit too.

To help me stay focused I'll be making daily update posts with pictures. For example:

99 Days left. The nervousness that comes with submitting didn't show today.
98 Days left. A bit nervous, but I really like the piece.

Anyway,  if you have work that needs to be packaged and sent... you should try to send them off. Join me! It doesn't have to be a daily occurrence or a consecutive occurrence. The point is to send submissions.

Odd Musings

I tried watching the Perseids meteor shower Saturday night. It was too cloudy, so I only got to view a handful of meteorites. I craned my neck at the sky and after a few minutes began texting my Google Voice number. It's a good thing I didn't text anyone else, because my musings became very strange as the night progressed into morning. I edited a couple of my favorite ones.


No meteors yet.. Or worse place to browse. Shall I go back for the rum or am I sufficiently wrecked?

[For the record I had nearly two shots of rum.]


Do you know what life sounds like? It sounds like a whimper from a swollen heart full of love, life, and death. 


I can just lay here. The empty sky, gracing me with its clarity, the wind dusting away the impurities of my thoughts. 


The stars twinkling a gradient of lust to true understanding. While the moon undresses my pale heart with praise and pleasantries. 

[I believe I'm the worlds slowest texter.]


I want to imagine him with my evening gaze. But that is not good enough for him. He'd rather exile me from his waking thought. 


I used to think that for every thought he had of me I'd have one of him in return. But its all foolish.


He never thought of me that way. Or else he'd set me straight. But he did in a different way, by ignoring my soft eyes and lustful stares.


He was very clear in that regard. And likewise I shall remain strong and avoid him like the plague. Avoid this feeling of distrust for myself. 

[More Rose Colored Lenses; Jaded Prescription material?]


I have been bitten by ants. It's ok. It's all very worth it right now. 

[And... that's the rum talking.]


The Texas night glow is not the same without you.

[It really isn't.]


If at least in my solitude I can enjoy the blessings of this earth.


My heart sings in loneliness the love I hide but don’t show too well.


Best star gazing night ever.

Then, I began going through a list of goals and dreams. I stayed out till three in the morning when I realized that I missed the warmth of my pillow.


We hope for a stolen glance.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Praise the Lord

It's interesting going back through old poems and wondering "oh where, where did the inspiration for this come from?" That's how I feel about a lot of poems, poems that I'm attributing to past me. Past me went through a lot of different emotions and writing styles. Here's a rare poem.

Praise the Lord

musicians stand and sit
tuning together for a musical piece

prayer for the weekend
if it moves me it moves you
to this destiny we don't know of
where the clouds glisten
in joy of heavens

together one by one
from the hearts they play
enunciating their hearts desires
along the melodies of their instruments

in a cramped corner of the living space
they gathered in praise of Christ
holding in them inner melodies
of love for one another as children of God

I admire you sitting there with
your instruments in hand, cradling
in your heart an openness to Christ
you can believe what I tried to believe

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Golden Beauty

Imagine life without woes
Infantile sorrows becoming
Bewitching butterflies, fluttering
Over ever seeking thoughts;
Aching, dried hearts

This new life of ours,
Beauty, we'll rise to felicity
Arms linked with peace
Dissolving all quarrels
Bringing us together

For this new life of ours
Golden, serene, full of glee
Beauty, for this new life
We'll rise to happiness
You and I; forever divine

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Missing Out

So that when you miss out on an opportunity, you swear to yourself that next time; yeah next time you'll win.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

MM 6 August 2012

The third, and final, love song playlist.

Today's playlist is available at Grooveshark or in the embedded widget below.

MM 6 August 2012 by Sopphey Vance on Grooveshark

Track List:
  • When Love and Death Embrace - H.I.M.
  • Drive - Deftones
  • Sexy Boy - Franz Ferdinand
  • California Paradise - The Runaways
  • Michael - Franz Ferdinand
  • Without You - Motley Crue
  • Touch Myself - Genitorturers
  • Lay Lady Lay - Ministry
  • Hookerbot 3000 - Revolting Cocks
  • Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck - The Blood Brothers

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Romantic

I have a secret romantic side to me. Not much of a secret now, since I've told you. But, it can still be secretive, no?

I did some research for a story I'm writing and chanced upon three great finds. First, that Henry the VIII knew how to party. Second, that I would really like to own some tunes composed by Robert Morton:

Third, the European Romantic Era really influenced my writing. When I really get down to it, like really-really get into the writing of certain types of poems... it just comes out pretty. The words combine to form a delicacy of some sorts.

For example this poem:


Dare you mock me with
Your vile, splendid hands?
Hold me captive to
Your glamour. Oh why me?
What have I done
To receive your cruel attention;
Delicate and enchanting.

and this poem:

Know You

I'd like to know you.
Take my fingers to your lips,
Deflowering your innocent speech;
Corrupting your elegant wit.
I want to take that crescent smile,
Devour it in this lunatic hour.
Be mine, valentine.
Oh love, you will be in time.

Or my favorite:

Ode to the Universe

Everlasting out of sight
you are the light in my line of sight
protecting me from myself,
me from the world,
the world against itself

thy beauty and grace
portrayed along the sides of angelic waves
in the oceans
combined to make a home
for the beginning of life on Earth

multitudes of species
engaging, interacting with each other
in the harmony of molecules,
sea bubble, sea anemone, coral reef, seaweed

the rays of the sun
and the shimmer of the moon
do not compare to thy beauty.
oh fair, fair, emblem of love, hope, and fate

in thy core lies the embodiment of God
the child you consummate with the soul of this world,
this life, the universe

from spring to summer
to winter to fall.
from birth to death
conception to suicide,
you are there for us, from us

protecting me from myself,
me from the world,
the world against itself,
the world against you

I like this secret romantic side to me. It challenges my writing, and I can never back down from that challenge.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reading for a Crowd

I've never been so nervous that my heart starts beating wildly. At least I don't thinkso. It's hard to remember some things, you know. I'm reading at this event, and to help promote I made six distinct fliers/pictures. I can't take credit for designing them, so I want to take time to link to the originals. Because, they deserve the real credit.

Zeitgeist New York poster found via Zeitgeist Australia.

Concept borrowed from Zeitgeist Movement (main group).

Concept borrowed from Zeitgeist Frankfurt.

Concept borrowed from this guy.

Idea snapped from Zeitgeist Uruguay.

Adapted from a wallpaper via Zeitgeist S. East Michigan

It feels nice to give credit. Also, because these designers worked hard without expecting fame, payment, or recognition. Just like other volunteer-based organizations (think Occupy). I'm still nervous about reading, though.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Small Thoughts

That's when your brain goes into over-sensory mode. It seeks the beautiful, the serene, the little things that are lovely for you. And the little things captivate you.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Umrao Jaan & Poetry

For the longest time, I could never actually figure out why I like Indian movies (yeah, not just Bollywood). It could've been because I had a crush on an Indian guy, or one of my cool friends is Indian, or it could've just been a phase.

But, it wasn't a phase. There's something poetic in most song interludes that are commonly found in Indian movies. For example, Umrao Jaan is a movie about a girl who's sold into prostitution. She grows to learn her craft, and as a result writes wonderful poems.

I came to the conclusion that she sings ghazals. I could be wrong though, I'm not really good at ghazals. If you fast forward the Youtube video above to the 29:30 marker, you'll see Umrao Jaan with her teacher.

The translation gets funky, but she reads a poem she wrote:

Not only my heart
Sir, take my life
Bud do as I ask just once

The teacher nods in approval and comments. "Not bad, but remember two things: the delicacy of the thought and the rhythm of the words."

I'm stealing that as an official rule of thumb. Remember two things: the delicacy of the thought and the rhythm of the words.

This rule of thumb opens a new door in poetry for me. I've always wondered and asked my 'inner poet' for counsel on why I write poetry. I've always wondered why I choose the style I write in, and I got close to understanding when I studied a bit of John Keat's life. Using both schools of thought, I can kind of gauge what drives my poetic brain. Kinda, because nothing is simple in poetry.

This is Umrao Jaan's final poem (in the movie):

What is my heart?
You take my life.
But, do as I ask just once.

You'll come here again and again
Carefully observe this place
What is my heart?
You should come to know.

I know that friends become estranged
But, why be obliged to strangers?

If you say,
I"ll bring the sky down
Nothing is difficult
If you make up your mind

What is my heart?
You take my life.
But, do as I ask just once.

Please accept.

It's pretty awesome. Finding poetry in things makes me happy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Loneliness Kicks In

Blinded, and stubborn, sometimes we hide. Sometimes it's easier to hide and pretend that people are leaving you.

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