Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coffee Holder

A slight play of design terminology. What is place holder text anyway?

100 times out of 100, a person unaccustomed to designer practices will read place holder text and wrinkle their foreheads. Is it latin? Is it Spanish? The client will think. But the truth is it's not even gibberish. Lorem Ipsum is dummy text or place holder text adopted by the printing and typesetting industry since the 1500s. So basically, since the beginning of Print! We use place holder text when clients don't offer their design copy to us, but not always. Sometimes we use "description here" or "website title" there as dummy text. In the end,  though, dummy text is every designer's friend and this is a mug for designers.


  1. I love the web redesign, Sopphey! Purple is a color of majesty, so you must be the queen of words, right?

    1. No... not the queen of words yet. Maybe some day! I just love purple.