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Brain Over Brawn: Smart Solutions To Regain And Maintain Strength, Health and Youth By Clint Cornelius

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Sopphey Says: Brain Over Brawn
Brain Over Brawn Cover
Brain Over Brawn: Smart Solutions To Regain And Maintain Strength, Health and Youth By Clint Cornelius

I've been turning my life around ever since I started my adventure into cooking and +Joy Weese Moll did her New Year's Books blog series. Adventures into cooking have led me to incorporating fruit smoothies into my day while Joy inspired me to read books about health. Before I begin talking about this book, I have a disclaimer. I don't think I've ever read any health article, post, or book without calling it stupid about "wild" suggestions. If I can't see science-based evidence behind a claim I lose interest. I'm not going to claim Brain Over Brawn is magical or amazing.

But, it is a good starting point for people looking to change their lives. It is a good example of carefully written material on health, nutrition, and fitness. The book is broken into three major sections: Design and Plan, Fuel and Repair, and Build and Operate. My favorite part of this book is the author. He's straight forward. If he makes a wild suggestion, he backs it up with a bit of his logic.

The author tackles the reality of a person's appearance in the section titled books are judged by their covers. The metaphor being that people are judged by appearances. He concludes, that a fit person is irresistibly considered to be a better person. He outlines this conclusion by saying:
1. As an earner: Statistically, fit, and attractive people earn more money than someone out of shape. They are considered more favorably and more often for promotion  Their ideas and work are more respected, their opinions and suggestions more influential.
2. As a lover/spouse: It's impossible to measure the amount of business brought to psychiatrists (and lawyers) each year based solely on someone's partner being out-of-shape or having "let themselves go."
3. As a parent and role model: Parents play a fundamental role in the development of not only their own children, but through them, influence the development of their children's friends, classmates, and from there on out into the world.
These statements can be difficult to adjust to because they're not always 100% true. On the flip side, I'm sharing them because they're mostly true. As a worker, I compete on a pay-scale basis with the entire world. My physical appearance matters a tad less because my professional knowledge is specialized and backed with years of experience. As a lover, my general lack of self-care is a giant relationship killer. It's on my low priority to-do list, but still something I'm working on.

And thirdly, as a role model I have room to improve. I am an entrepreneur, activist, and older sister. Even if my sisters are out-of-town, I still interact with them. They've seen first-hand what years of mismanaged health care do to a body. They know of the the barriers I've faced, am facing, and that they could potentially face. I can only lead by example at this point. I've learned that it doesn't get any easier. The laughs, stares, and finger pointing from the neighbors as I do my daily exercise doesn't seem to stop. The pavement doesn't feel any softer and my shoes become less shock-absorbing after every step. The falls as I misstep don't hurt any less, and scabs don't heal any faster.

Also, the blender hates me. But, I make it churn smoothies and wash it with water and soap to let it know that I'm going to take care of both us. The author states that our life choices aren't solely for ourselves. We "influence the community to be more healthy, responsible, and intelligent, and perhaps most importantly, happy."

Most importantly happy.

That addition is what kept me reading this book. Not only do I want to learn to eat well and have better mobility, but I want to be happy. Everyone should be happy, maybe my progress will help others be happy. The book covers methods and examples to do the least amount of "work" to create the most amount of success. Topics ranging from sleep, to eating high protein meals, eating high carb meals, making your own work out materials, how to use your work out materials, and how to burn fat by gaining muscle.

Overall, Brain Over Brawn, is a really informative book. One of those books you want to take notes and come back to every now and then. I enjoyed my first read, and will probably start my second read soon. You should read this book too, because you can download it for free: http://brainoverbrawn.com/get-the-book. Check out the book, let me know what you think about it in the comments below.


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  1. Love the title and concept! It's very encouraging to us more intellectual types to know that we can think our way through these intractable physical problems, putting in place the structures, plans, routines, schedules, or whatever it takes to get the healthy habits formed.

    Would love to have you link this up in Readers' Workouts today: http://www.joyweesemoll.com/2013/02/12/readers-workouts-february-12/

  2. Hi Sopphey!
    I clicked over from Joy's Reader's Workout links. It's a pleasure to "meet" you through your blog and in particular, this article. I love books like this because they really get to the grit of what's important--our health and happiness is up to us! Generally, speaking of course. BUT with the right outlook, we can take control of a lot of things in our life that directly impact our health and ultimately our happiness. Eat well, exercise, care about our appearance (make the best of what we've got at the moment). When we feel good about ourselves, we project that onto the world and it makes other people happy. It's all positive energy!

    I wish you all the best as you use your brain over brawn to change your life for the better. I'm always working on that, too.

    One last thing.. THIS: "The laughs, stares, and finger pointing from the neighbors as I do my daily exercise doesn't seem to stop."
    SERIOUSLY? People do that?!? Adults? What are they in 3rd grade? This infuriates me. You go out there and do your thing. There are people who are looking upon you and smiling, knowing you are doing something good for yourself. And you know what? You never know who YOU are inspiring by being out there doing your thing. Truly.

    I'll be checking out the book! :)

    1. Hi Christine!

      It's a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for the good luck wishes, I need all the luck I can get sometimes!

      About the laughs, I might say it's an exaggeration. People don't always laugh, but it happens. It's a cultural thing we can't shake off too quickly. But, you're write about the inspiration thing. I think I'm inspiring my family to *really* think about what we eat. It's a start. :)

  3. This book sounds right on. I'm going to see if my library has it. If not, I'll buy a copy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome Vicki! Hope you enjoy the book.