Saturday, April 6, 2013

Living On My Own

I actually never lived on my own for too long, sure I had several months where my roommates disappeared for a few. But, I'm more than qualified to say that no matter how many people I lived with or surrounded myself with I was always alone. At a very young age my introverted self I locked away several paths and channels to the outside world. And for that, I feel like I could be Nabokov and refuse to join any organization with the whole of my heart.

Now doesn't that sound selfish? A little bit. In a way, I convinced myself it was to protect others from my irrational behavior, but really it was to protect myself from myself. If I never got too close to anything then I wouldn't have to think too much about my role or purpose. And ultimately, I would remain free of worry.

Last April, and the whole year too, was exceptionally difficult for me. I actively designed a magazine from cover to cover while maintaining and managing its online presence while running the On Impression Network. I did all that for 12-16 hours a day breaking for regular things like nutrition and other things. Things concerning PCOS symptoms that included a lot of vomiting, dizzy spells, crying, and everything unpleasant.

It was bad.

Sopphey Says: Living On My Own

But it was April. April was my month where I gave myself permission to write a poem everyday. It was when I was most active on my blog and most active reading other blogs. It was my time to let my little poet wings experience flight! My poetic heart must have been stronger than PCOS and design last year because I not only created 30 poems for Poetic Asides BUT I participated in NaPoWriMo, the A to Z Challenge, and the April Platform Challenge.

I went full crazy that month. I worked and wrote and designed and worked and released a beautiful magazine and did some more work. And I found the April Platform Challenge members very cozy to be with. I followed everyone on Twitter, read everyone's blogs, and joined all the groups. I found similar writing crazy people and absolutely loved it!

I particularly clung to every blog post Monique Liddle wrote because I admired her openness and bravery. I carefully plowed through Amanda M Socci's posts as we were at odds at first. I followed the beautiful enchanting words of Misky, Michelle M Pond, Ms PSC, Dana Dampier, and a few other poets. I had found my special place in the writing world, and only had to do everything Robert Lee Brewer suggested in the platform challenge to make long lasting writer strides.

Time abandoned me though. Life took me away from the platform groups. From the sidelines, I saw the Wordsmith Studio form. I still read and shared what everyone posted, but not as much. I had closed myself again, my poetry waned, and I my only concern was to not pass out while walking across the street.

Sopphey Says: Living On My Own

It wasn't till much later that I returned to Wordsmith Studio. I brushed my hair and sat down for almost every #WSChat and read all the Group posts. I was no longer like Nabokov when I submitted my bio to the site. I was no longer living on my own when I submitted my first post on the design portion of the Wordsmith Studio blog. For the first time I gave myself permission to be a part of something.

I literarily hung up my coat and dressed in pajamas with this group because it's truly a warm and welcoming environment. We're all writers. We share our writing, our successes, our fears, our moments of silence. We hang out once a week to chat about given topics and the occasional stripper. Sometimes we trend on Twitter. Other times we disappear for weeks on end because we're chasing a muse.

We're a home and I give all Wordsmiths permission to hang out. I give you permission to post your blog on our FB page. I give you permission to tweet and include the #WSChat tag. I give you permission to come in and share your troubles. To ask for a writing buddy and advice. And I give you permission to come in, hang your coat, and get some bunny slippers. Not all writers need to live on their own.

Welcome home.


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  1. Lovely post, Sopphey. What a year! (And I'm wearing my comfy slippers)

  2. Such a beautiful and brave post, Sopphey. So glad you took the challenge and came back to the group.

  3. Sopphey, Wow, with all your physical challenges, you indulged and succeeded in a plethora of writing challenges no "normal" human being could accomplish in a year's time. As I read about Sopphey, the writer, Sopphey, the creator, while still in my jammies, I am feeling very much at home within your home. You are not alone. Congrats on all your steps forward this past year. Hurray!

    btw, did you just call all your WSS friends crazy writers?

    That's quite a compliment, friend!!! : )

  4. Love it, Sopphey! You summed up how I feel. "Home" is the perfect word. Congratulations on your tenacity and all your successes!

  5. Wonderful words Ms. Sopphey :) Thanks for sharing your journey. A burden shared is always lighter, even for the introvert :)

  6. i love knowing more and more about you!

  7. Sopphey, what a testimony to individual strength and determination (in this case, yours!) and to the power of community. I admire your courage, and I'm so glad you're among us. Thanks for this inspiring post! Happy Anniversary to you and to all of us!

  8. As always, you are righteous and awesome. :) See you at the next party.

  9. Welcome home, Sopphey. I admire your telling-it-like-it-is self. Also, congratulations and continued success with your writing projects.

  10. This really hits on my favorite reason for being part of the WSS community: it's a community. Writing is a lonely pursuit and it's great to have people around to share successes and failures with. Great to hear about your past year, and good luck with all your writing and personal pursuits in the coming year!

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  12. Wow!

    A powerful and moving post. I, too, know the feeling of being alone, even when around family.

    The world of blogging has allowed me to open myself up to the wider world, makes friends, some of whom I've met, and to encourage and be encouraged.

    The things you have done are an inspiration.

    (There! Got it right! My kingdom for spellcheck!)

  13. I loved your post Sopphey! It was a joy to get a peek into your world. Thank you for allowing yourself to open up and be a part of this wonderful group. Every one of us is needed, and we each have a place at the table in our "home". Beautiful!

  14. Oh loved the video by the way! Perfect!

  15. Awww - love it! Welcome home, indeed!

  16. Aw sweetie, that is such a lovely post! I completely understand the “time abandoned me” concept. Boy oh boy how I wish I could read and support every one of us, don’t you? I can’t believe I missed the one about the stripper!?! So affirming to give ourselves permission. Thank you. (It’s the end of a very long day with my children and our two little babies and I’m exhausted my PJ’s and I'm still writing. Much love to you my sweet friend.

  17. Thanks, Sopphey! I love being welcomed in our new "home"--what a great description! I'll bring my fuzzy socks and settle in.

  18. Wonderful post, Sopphey!! I enjoyed reading about how you made your way to April 2013. What an ambitious April you had last year. I love that we all share this place you call home.

  19. Such a great post, Sopphey! So exact and prompt, you have found the most suitable way to make it consize and yet, say all. I love the feeling your post leaves me with :-)
    And I'm getting nervous, because my posting date is approaching and I haven't even started... thinking.

  20. Dear Sopphey:
    I had no clue you struggled with medical issues last year. With your strong work ethic, I never would have guessed it. Sounds like you had a great period of time to nurture your personal needs and get back into crazy creative mode before jumping back into full-speed mode. Congratulations for your many fine accomplishments, thank you for the mention in this post, and most importantly, thank you for being the most extraordinary supporter a gal can have.

    Thank you for you. Please take care of your health and stay well. Keep on writing!

  21. Hooray for comfy slippers! I'm glad you all visited, let's do parties like this again, yes?