Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Musings About For the Seasons

I'm working on my third poetry book. Whoa, where's the 2nd one? You may ask, I'll tell you later... *winks* I want to share the first possible ending to the book because I'm just enamored with it right now. Just so in love with it.


He lay her down to sleep
with a last kiss.
His breath ice
to the side of her neck.
The covers warm and deep.
Her body falters away from reality
into the low rumble of dreams and ecstasy.
Lovers for every season.
Everyday beings
unaware of reason and fallacy
ultimately becoming one spirit flowing
in and out--back and forth.
Round, and round while awake.
Still now.
Asleep now.
Their love gone.

(more musings about For the Seasons)

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