About Sopphey

Sopphey Vance is a poet. She creates poetry with letters, words, sounds, and colors.

Sarai Oviedo, aka Sopphey Vance earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. During the four years of her undergraduate life, she pursued a writing career in two student publications. She covered student life and news as a writer for Reporter for a year and aided in design and literary editing for Signatures Magazine for three years.

Her undergraduate career inspired her to begin plans for a literary magazine. This led to the development of Enhance and the On Impression Network, a network of literary publications and sites that currently include: The Composers’ Laboratory, Drunk Monkeys, Enhance, Five Two One Magazine, Parody Poetry Journal, and Salon de Madame Odalys.

When not attending to On Impression business, Sopphey creates crafts for the joint Etsy shop Lady Vance & Co. with Bewitching Designers and explores and participates in the Wordsmith Studio Writing Community. She has also been a member of Occupy McAllen, and Dreams Community School. Sopphey’s writing has appeared or is to appear in Signatures Magazine, Cram Magazine, Every Night Erotica, Filthy Secret Books, and in Felt Tips Anthology edited by Tiffany Reisz. Poetically speaking, Sopphey released her first collection of poetry Rose Colored Lenses; Jaded Prescription on August 2012.


Sopphey's bread crumbs as she wanders around publishing and the world wild web:


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Publication History


"Nancy's Kitchen Dancer," Mouse Tales Press, March 2013
“Down to the Point,” Felt Tips Anthology, December 2012
“Margarita Girls,” Every Night Erotica, April 2012
“Summer Luxury,” Every Night Erotica, April 2012
“Trail of Death,” Cram Magazine, December 2011


Rose Colored Lenses; Jaded Prescription, On Impression Books, August 2012
“Poetical Daze,” Filthy Secret Books, June 2012
“Magic,” Signatures Magazine, May 2008