The Sopphey-Statical Mega List

Why Sopphey-Statical? Well it's kind of a play on fantastic. Also, the following blog list is going to be an amazingly MEGA list of blogs and other things organized by challenges, themes, pseudo-categories, and pretty much the way I organize things in my brain. Might be so long that I'd never finish updating it!

OK. Here Goes.

On Impression Network and Affiliates
  • On Impression (main site) - Home to the On Impression Network and On Impression Books. On Impression is a multimedia publishing network that publishes and promotes new and emerging artists.
  • Drunk Monkeys (e-magazine) - open to all forms of expression: critical analysis, opinion pieces, and creative work of any type (short stories, poetry, music, short films, & art). They set snark aside in favor of appreciation for where we've been and where we can go together.
  • Enhance (magazine) -  a literary and art magazine that will try to understand the human’s perception of life through literature and art. Enhance is interested in publishing new and emerging artists in all genres.
  • Five 2 One (magazine) - a magazine for freaks, weirdos, strange fold, and otherwise independent thinking.
  • Parody (magazine) - a brand new journal for poetry that makes you laugh. We live primarily to honor the bards of old by turning their words into a mockery, but we love ridicule of all varieties. Twice per year, we deliver fresh witticisms right to your doorstep (well... the post office helps with the delivery a bit).
  • Hose Down Your Hoo-Ha (blog) - is an upbeat commentary about the experiences of a busy Brazilian wax technician. 
  • Nathan Alan Schwartz (blog) - musings and poetry by Nathan Alan Schwartz.
  • Salon de Madame Odalys (NSFW blog) - is a blog featuring stories and photos on the topics love, lust, and sex. Salon de Madame Odalys is going through changes. Updates will be sporadic and we appreciate your continuing patronage.
  • Sopphey Says - the ramblings and musings of Sopphey Vance.
  • The Composers' Laboratory (blog) - aims to improve writing techniques through research and dedication. All works are copyrighted to their respective owners and writers.
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